Jagmohan Singh with JSA Online Portal embarks customers with financial guidance

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Published 07.06.21, 06:15 PM

Cash Flow Coach, Jagmohan Singh yields resources to alleviate people stuck in search of best methods in order to manage their finances

The amount of money you send to banks, the amount you keep for your family, and the amount you have to invest all depend on how well you manage your budget. This is why you need a financial coach. Jagmohan Singh, the owner of JSA Online Portal and a cash flow coach, runs a thriving and cash-rich firm guiding people in the right direction.

Hailing from Punjab, Jagmohan has done graduation in commerce from Delhi University. He chose Chartered Accountancy over an easier path, where he mastered the Art and Science of Numbers as well as Finance and Law. After three years of hard work, he earned an All India Rank and was hired as an associate at E&Y, a Big 4 accounting and law firm.

During his working years in E&Y, he learned how to conduct management audits across India in the field of ‘Systems and Processes,' which he later specialised in. He earned his speciality by working with Directors, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Managers, Executives, and employees at all levels.

Jagmohan Singh as a ‘Cash Flow Coach’

After gaining enough knowledge, he founded the leading company, JSA Online Portal. This is a one-of-a-kind method that equips consumers with simple yet effective skills, methods, and approaches to boost cash flow in their businesses and help them become unstoppable in their quest for entrepreneurial success.

JSA Online Portal, which began in a 400 square foot office in District Centre, Janakpuri, with only two staff handling all operations, has grown to more than 100 staff serving 1000+ clients across the country and even beyond.

For his excellent skills, Jagmohan has acquired Landmark Education's Introduction Leader Certification as a ‘Cash Flow Coach’. He's also a public speaker who's been honoured by the Finance and Business Association's several study circles.

“I feel that business is a numbers game that needs to be played with correct knowledge of finance and law,” adds the savvy entrepreneur. “ I foresee a world in which every human being on the planet lives a financially secure, joyful, and peaceful existence while also supporting one another. Remember that doing business in your area of passion with a targeted approach brings significant value to any aspiring entrepreneur,” he further explains.

With the ordinary man in mind, he aspires to construct a global ‘University of Finance and Numbers,' so that every man in need can have quick and effective access to it and use the techniques learned in their enterprises and lives with guidance.

Jagmohan is the appropriate person to approach and seek help from if you need to master your business in the domain of money and numbers.

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