Mysore Tracktrial

17 Jan 2023 2:26 PM

Outer sand


Wind Whistler (Rb) in 42s. Moved well.  


Double Trouble (Rb) in 45s. Was handy.  


Vandan (Rb) and

Vardhan (Rb) in 44s. They were level. Both were easy.  


God's Power (Rb) in 43s. Moved well.  

Copper Sunrise (Rb) in 41s. Moved well.  

I Can (Rb) in 40.5s. Worked well.  

Queen Star (Rb) in 45s. Easy.  

Ansaldo (Rb) in 42s. Moved well.  



Code of Honour (Rb) in 1-15s, (800m) 58s, (600m) 42s. Moved well.  


Bonito (Rb) and

Star Jewel (Rb) in 1-15s, (800m) 59s, (600m) 42s. They were level. Both were easy.  


Tenali (Rb) in 1-13s, (800m) 58s, (600m) 43s. Worked well.  



Royal Design (Rb) in 1-28s, (1,000m) 1-14s, (800m) 59s, (600m) 44s. Was handy.  

Sadeek (Md.Imran Ashraf) in 1-29s, (1,000m) 1-10s, (800m) 53s, (600m) 37s. Note.