Mysore Tracktrial

01 Jan 2023 1:10 PM

Outer sand


Land Of Gold (R Shiva Kumar) and


Socrates (Rb) in 39s. Moved well.

Masha (Rb) in 42s. Moved well.

O Hansini (M I Asraf) in 39s. Moved well.

Amazonia (Rb) in 43s. Handy.

Eco System (Rb) in 40s. Moved well.

Rich Strike (S Qureshi) in 41s. Moved well.

Flaming Dancer (Rb) in 42s. Easy.

Brave Girl (S Qureshi) in 45s. Easy.



Sensational Tittle (Rb) in 1-8s; (800m) 52.5s; (600m) 40s. Very Worked well.



Grand Chevalier (Rb) in 1-25s; (1,000m) 1-6s; (800m) 51s; (600m) 38.5s. Very fit.

Royal Tittle (Rb) in 1-24s; (1,000m) 1-10s; (800m) 54s; (600m) 39s. Fit.