Mumbai Tracktrial

16 Jan 2023 8:35 PM

Inner sand track


Hilad (Akshay Gaikwad) and


Outlander (Gore) in 39s. The former was easily a length better. 



Treasure Gold (Mosin) in 55s, (600m) 41s. Very easy.

Inishmore (Shelar) in 50s, (600m) 37s. Was pressed.

Uzi (Zervan) in 54s, (600m) 39s. Was pressed.

Dowsabel (A Merchant) in 52s, (600m) 38s. Very fit. 



Granpar (Neeraj) in 1-13s, (600m) 43s. Easy.

Key To The Mint (Vinod) in 1-7s, (800m) 54s, (600m) 40s. Worked well.

Count Of Savoy (Shelar) in 1-5s, (800m) 51s, (600m) 38s. Impressed. 

Golden Neil (Sunny) in 1-6s, (800m) 53s, (600m) 39s. Moved well.

Time (Neeraj) in 1-9s, (600m) 41. Moved well.

Red Dust (A Merchant) in 1-10s, (600m) 41s. Easy.



Alpha Domino (Neeraj) in 1-36s, (1,000m) 1-7s, (800m) 52s, (600m) 39s. Very fit.


Gate practice

Inner sand track


Zip Along (Mustakim) in 53s, (600m) 40s. Jumped out well.


Transcend (Zervan) and

Fairuza (Rb) in 54s, (600m) 42s. The former was 3 ls better. Both jumped out well.


Endurance (Shelar) in 51s, (600m) 38s. Jumped out well.


Emerald Queen (Nazil) and

Definitely (Shahrukh) in 54s, (600m) 42s. The former was finished well clear. Both jumped out well.


Dalasan (Shubham) and

Star Gallery (A Merchant) in 56s, (600m) 43s. The former was a distance better. Both jumped out well.


Axlord (Zervan) and

Floyd (Rb) in 53s, (600m) 40s. The former was 3 ls better. Both jumped out well.


Sinner (Saba), 

Knight Templar (Shelar) and

Starry Spirit (Vishal) in 52s, (600m) 40. They were separated by 6 ls and 4 lengths. All jumped out well. 


Ocean Of God (V. Jodha) in 54s, (600m) 40s. Jumped out well.