Mumbai Tracktrial

01 Jan 2023 1:23 PM

Inner sand track


Stars For You (H. Gore) in 39s. Moved well.




Marlboro Man (N.B. Kuldeep) in 57s; (600m) 42. Easy.


Outlander (Ajinkya) and 

Hilad (H. Gore) in 55s; (600m) 40s. They were level. Both were easy.



Exclusive (Mustakim) in 1-7s; (800m) 53s; (600m) 40. Moved well.


Majorella Blue (S Zervan) and

Kisling (N.B. Kuldeep) in 1-11s; (600m) 42s. They were level. Both were easy.


Speculator (N.B. Kuldeep) in 1-10s; (800m) 54s; (600m) 40s. Was pressed.



Easy Rider (S Zervan) in 1-41s; (1,000m) 1-11s; (600m) 42s. Was pressed.