Bangalore Tracktrial

06 Aug 2022 6:51 PM

Outer sand


Turkoman (Salman Khan) in 44.5s. Was handy.   


Beldona (Rb) in 41.5s. Worked well.  

All Attraction (P Ramesh) in 44 Moved Well.  


Phoenix Surprise (Ikram Ahmed) and

Blazing Engine (Rb) in 43.5s. The former was easily 2 ls better.  



Stars Above (S John) in 1-13s; (600m) 43.5s. Was pressed. 

Chisox (A R Pradeep) in 1-14.5s; (600m) 43s. Was pressed.  

Four Wheel Drive (M Mark) in 1-15.5s; (600m) 43s. Worked well.  

High Opinion (Rb) in 1-11s; (600m) 42s. Very fit.



Salento (S John) in 1-27.5s; (1,000m) 1-12.5s; (600m) 42s. Impressed.  


Fierce Fighter (Rayan Ahmed) and

Southern Power (Nazerul Alam) in 1-27.5s; (1,000m) 1-11s; (600m) 42.5s. They were level. Both worked well.  


Raffles (Tousif Khan) and

Sir Tyrrell (M Mark) in 1-30s; (1,000m) 1-14s; (600m) 46s. The former was 2 ls better. The former was handy.  


Ring Master (A R Pradeep) in 1-26.5s; (1,000m) 1-12.5s; (600m) 43s. Worked well.  

Automatic (B L Paswan) in 1-26.5s; (1,000m) 1-12.5s; (600m) 43s. Worked well.  



Shabelle (Shreyas Singh) in 1-37s; (1,200m) 1-23.5s; (1,000m) 1-10s; (600m) 42s. Impressed.  

Stormy Ocean (S John) in 1-38s; (1,200m) 1-23.5s; (1,000m) 1-10s; (600m) 41s. Very fit.  

Pink Jasmine (Indrajeet) in 1-40s; (1,200m) 1-25s; (1,000m) 1-12s; (600m) 42.5s. Was pressed.  

Imperial Blue (Rozario) in 1-40.5s; (1,200m) 1-26s; (1,000m) 1-12s; (600m) 44s. Moved well.  

Lagarde (Indrajeet) in 1-39.5s; (1,200m) 1-25.5s; (1,000m) 1-11.5s; (600m) 42s. Worked very well.  

The Sovereign Orb (Indrajeet) in 1-40s; (1,200m) 1-25s; (1,000m) 1-10.5s; (600m) 43s. Was pressed. 


Montelena (Rozario) and

Tignanello (Rb) in 1-40.5s; (1,200m) 1-25.5s; (1,000m) 1-11s; (600m) 42s. They were level. Both are very fit.  


Rulling Goddess (Rb) in 1-42s; (1,200m) 1-27s; (1,000m) 1-12s; (600m) 43s. Worked well.  

Ashwa Yudhvir (Vinod Shinde) in 1-38s; (1,200m) 1-23s; (1,000m) 1-10s; (600m) 42s. Worked very well.  

Lake Tahoe (J H Arul) in 1-37s; (1,200m) 1-22s; (1,000m) 1-10.5s; (600m) 43.5s. Was pressed.  

De Villiers (Indrajeet) in 1-40.5s; (1,200m) 1-24.5s; (1,000m) 1-10s; (600m) 42s. Good.  

Winmylove (S John) in 1-40.5s; (1,200m) 1-24s; (1,000m) 1-9.5s; (600m) 41s. Note.  

Sunshine Prince (S John) in 1-41.5s; (1,200m) 1-26.5s; (1,000m) 1-12.5s; (600m) 43s. Easy.  



Silvarius (S John) in 1-54s; (1,400m) 1-38.5s; (1,200m) 1-25s; (1,000m) 1-11.5s; (600m) 43s. Was pressed.


Inner sand


Bentayga (Rozario) and

Mitsuro (Rb) in 40s. They were level. Both were easy. 



Moon'S Blessing (Shreyas Singh) in 1-21s; (1,000m) 1-7s; (600m) 39.5s. Moved well.  


Tiger Returns (Nazerul Alam) and

Belvedere (Rayan Ahmed) in 1-23s; (1,000m) 1-7s; (600m) 39.5s. The former was 5 ls better. The former moved well. 



Pissarro (Indrajeet) in 1-35.5s; (1,200m) 1-21s; (1,000m) 1-7s; (600m) 40s. Was pressed.


Gate practice

Inner sand


Limited Edition (Salman Khan) and

First Royalist (Rb) in 1-37s; from 1,400m to 600m 52s. The former was 6 ls better. Both jumped out well.  


Rule Of Law (Kiran Rai P) and

Noble Ruler (Darshan R N) in 1-40.5s; from 1,400m to 600m 56.5s. They were level. Both jumped out well.