Why you should consider a career in cyber security in 2022

Nancy Jaiswal
Nancy Jaiswal
Posted on 19 Jul 2022
11:21 AM
Cyber security plays a crucial role in protecting digital data from being stolen and misused

Cyber security plays a crucial role in protecting digital data from being stolen and misused Source: wikimedia

Cyber security aims to minimise and mitigate the risks related to cyber attacks
Start a career in cyber security to become a part of a booming industry

What is cyber security?

The booming era of digitalisation has opened up a lot of career opportunities for people across the globe. Be it mobile banking, online shopping or even reading books and news, everything happens with just a click away in today’s time. However, this ease of access comes with its own hefty price tag. In the contemporary era, the more you use these digital advantages, the higher is the risk you face of being exposed to cyber security attacks. In other words, your sensitive and confidential data is constantly at risk of being exposed to a hacker, getting stolen or being misused.

How can big organisations secure such sensitive data, combat these threats and excel in the long run? The answer is cyber security. But what is cyber security and why is it important? Technically speaking, cyber security is the body of technologies, processes and other methods designed to safeguard computers, connections, programs and networks from attack, unauthorised usage or damage.


The Future of Cyber Security

The major goal of cyber security is to minimise and mitigate the risks related to cyber attacks. It aims to protect individuals and organisations from intentional exploitation of security weaknesses and loopholes in their system networks.

Let’s look at an example. You like a product on an ecommerce site and want to buy it. You add it to your cart and checkout. On the payments page you are asked to enter sensitive information like your credit card, debit card or UPI details. On all major ecommerce sites, there will be a large volume of users doing this throughout the day. All this sensitive information is then sent across the internet to it’s destination. In fact, most people are sending all kinds of other sensitive inform via apps like WhatsApp every day. And their volume is only predicted to increase over time.

With the ever rising usage of digital platforms in the current world, cyber security risks are also going to keep getting bigger with each passing day. Predictably then, a career in cyber security is only going to get more even more relevant in the future.

Job roles in cybersecurity

As hackers learn to adapt to the changing dynamics of the online world, the widespread requirement of cyber security is also on the increase. Today cyber security professionals work across a variety of areas in varies job roles. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Information security
  • Security engineering
  • Network security
  • Software Development
  • Cloud security
  • Data security

Sounds interesting? So let’s take a look at…

Ways to start a career in cyber security

Looking forward to start a career in the field of cyber security means becoming a part of a booming industry. As the importance of cyber security continues to grow, more specialised roles are emerging.

So what are the basis of stepping foot into the world of cyber security and building your career in it? Here’s a short road map:

  • Take some time and do your research to figure out which domain you want to work in.
  • Decide on the degree or course you want to pursue and prepare for it
  • Work on your core IT skills: programming, system administration, cloud computing and so on
  • Figure out internship and work opportunities that may be available. After all, this is a field where hands on experience counts for a lot.

Gone are the days when a simple antivirus software was the only cyber security we needed. Cyber security today is crucial across various sectors - and if you feel you have a passion for technology and for making the internet a safer place - then this is definitely a good choice for you.

Last updated on 19 Jul 2022
11:21 AM
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