What is public speaking? Top 3 ways boost your speaking skills

Nancy Jaiswal
Nancy Jaiswal
Posted on 05 Jul 2022
15:43 PM
Public speaking is a highly valued skill in every sphere of life

Public speaking is a highly valued skill in every sphere of life Source: Pixabay

Overcoming the fears associated with public speaking empowers individuals
Being an efficient public speaker can bring numerous benefits to one’s career path

An estimated 60% of the population fear public speaking and find it challenging but to reach great success, challenges should be faced head on. Public speaking is a crucial form of communication that enables an individual to progress in the corporate sector and life as well. How many of you have had that one moment in life when you froze on stage? Your mind becoming absolutely blank? Does the idea of delivering a speech to a crowd of thousands mean numerous sleepless nights, nightmares, and anxiety to you? Well, to overcome these fears, we present to you the 3 P’s of boosting your public speaking skills.

The 1st P is for Pointers: There is an age old saying that a good speech is like a ‘pencil’. Meaning it has to have a clear point. But a major mistake that many new age speakers make is to have done so much research that they end up digressing from their point. What can come handy here is to have a set of pointers written out of paper which keeps you on track as you deliver your speech. While it is important to refer to a thesaurus, read up on your subject and polish your words for the stage - it is far more important to have a clear line of thought that lets you stay focused on your topic and only mention the relevant details. By decluttering your speech, you will make it easier for your audience to follow along.

The 2nd P is for Presentation: Have you ever wondered as to what leaves an impression on people when you communicate with them? Is it your clothes, your content, your topic of discussion or simply your nature? Well, let's look at it the other way around! When and why do you remember people and all the good conversations you have had in life? Most of the time it's the soft skills of the person speaking. Similarly in public speaking, a lasting impression is directly linked to the person’s tone and body language. Let's explain it with the help of a conversation between friends -if you are civil and witty, the vibes are good but if you add on a tinge of mockery you might end up offending your friend. So, make sure you do not hurt the feelings and emotions of the people who are listening to your speech.


The 3rd P is for Positivity: As the old adage goes - ‘The first impression is also the last impression’. And a positive first impression is crucial to set the right tone for the speech. As you walk onto the stage, make sure you walk in smartly, lay your notes down on the podium, hold your chin up and set a positive tone by sharing a warm smile. Your audiences will connect with you automatically if they understand your expressions and admire your confidence. So make sure you work on your expressions and feel the emotions of the content you are delivering and you will be up for a great speech.

Amisha Gupta addressing her audiences

Amisha Gupta addressing her audiences Source: Directly sourced

To conclude, in the words of Amisha Gupta, Public Speaker, coach and TEDx personality, “There’s this very famous saying - “All great Public Speakers were bad at first.” I’m not sure how great my skills appear today but the early days of my career were so gloomy… pursuing a skill solely as a career requires a lot of hard-work, especially when you have no idea where you’re heading in life. Consistent practice, patience and perseverance have become my best friends since then….Public Speaking is a way of life as we can integrate this particular skill into absolutely any job role to uplift our personality, confidence and ideologies. Like any other skill, this too can be learnt over the years. So, choose your best friends wisely and go all in”.

Public speaking is a crucial skill for personality development. Efficient public speaking skills can assist in any career progression as it is an indicator of leadership abilities. Armed with the 3 P’s - Pointers, Presentation and Positivity - master the art of public speaking in your personal and professional spheres.

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