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Top 10 online HR courses that can boost your CV

Soham Naha
Soham Naha
Posted on 10 Mar 2022
16:43 PM
Online HR courses can help you unleash human potential to change the world.

Online HR courses can help you unleash human potential to change the world. Shutterstock

Latest HR trends like performance management and the use of analytics are taught in these courses
Some courses explain in detail essential HR terminologies like employee payroll, taxes and compensation

What Human Resource (HR) professionals do resonates across the workplace as they deal with recruitment, employee welfare, absence responsibilities and employment law. Online HR courses can help you join the band of these dedicated professionals whose job is to unleash human potential in a fast-changing job market.

Things you can get from online HR courses

  • You can do these courses alongside your studies and from the comforts of your own home. Flexibility is a big reason why students are going for such courses.

  • You can learn how to spot and recruit new talent.

  • You can get an outline of employment law and learn how to make new employees adapt to the culture of the company.

  • You can learn how to handle employee benefits and maintain employee relations, including the ways to resolve any employee-related issues.

Top 10 online HR courses that can boost your resume

Preparing to Manage Human Resources — by Coursera

This 18-hour course has been designed by the University of Minnesota, US. It teaches you the basics of managing human capital in an organisation. It also helps you develop your own approach to managing and motivating employees. After completing this course, you will know how to spot and recruit potential employees, what makes them tick and how to develop additional HR skills.

Managing Human Resources in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry — by Harvard edX

This eight-week course offers both micro and macro-level insights into contemporary HR management issues in the hotel and tourism industry. Designed by Hong Kong Polytech University, the course outlines contemporary issues in the management of human capital in the hotel and tourism industry. Here you will learn how to detect HR-related problems in the hotel and tourism industry.

Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees — by Coursera

This 20-hour course teaches how to recruit talent to help an organisation reach its strategic goals in the market. Developed by the University of Minnesota, the course explores the importance of connecting recruitment objectives with the company outlook. Talent acquisition, leveraging social media and how to hire a team of analysts to boost performance are some of the current topics taught during the course.

Human Resource Management — by International Business Management Institute

Offered by International Business Management Institute, Germany, this three-hour course offers a detailed understanding of activities pertaining to human resource and organisational behaviour. It covers essential topics like strategic planning, recruitment, performance management, training and compensation. It also describes in detail popular motivational approaches. After you complete this course, you will also learn about the basic concepts of different organisational structures, corporate culture and the 360-degree feedback model.

Hiring Practices — by Coursera

The four-week course is designed by the UCI Division of Continuing Education. It will show you how to figure out the recruitment and retention of employees, with special emphasis on the diversity of the workforce. It will also teach you the hiring process, including interviewing others, applicant testing and background research. Here you will learn one of the most important HR lessons — how to retain new employees and motivate them.

Organisational behaviour: Know your people — by Coursera

This 19-hour course explores a range of concepts, theories and methodologies that will help navigate and optimise one’s work environment. Provided by Macquarie University, the course will expose you to latest best-practice leadership strategies. Here you will learn to analyse the role of team dynamics and composition in assessing the performance of the team.

Managing Employee Performance — by Coursera

This 15-hour course will teach you how to bring out the best in employees. It emphasises the training of new recruits and the need for a positive working environment. Here you will learn how to develop your employees to meet both departmental and organisational goals. After completing this course, you will be able to gain some understanding of performance management and its role in moulding employees to suit the company.

Human Resources Analytics — by Coursera

This course explores how unlocking human potential has become dependent on technological advancement and cloud computing. Here you will learn how to make a tactful decision based on analytics. Developed by the UCI Division of Continuing Education, the course describes tools and techniques like HR lifecycle, HR best practices, Data Analytics and how to develop a strategic mindset.

Recruiting and Selecting the Right Person — by Harvard edX

This course on employee selection covers topics like how to conduct a job analysis, how to develop recruitment and selection strategies, and how to welcome new employees to an organisation. It draws a brief history of the employee selection methods of the past. Designed by the University of Canterbury, UK, the course also explains the importance of job analysis and forecasting job needs.

Certified payroll professional course — by KPMG

The course helps prepare candidates to become HR payroll professionals. It teaches the management, calculation and terminologies related to employee payroll, taxes and compensation. It also explores salary structures, investments, pensions, incentives and the history of these domains in India. This year-long course, provided by KPMG International Limited, is much more economical than a diploma.

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