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Scholarships and financial assistance for IIT Delhi, Madras, Gandhinagar, Kanpur

Saikat Chakraborty
Saikat Chakraborty
Posted on 22 Jan 2022
13:05 PM
Applications for IIT scholarships can be made right after clearing JEE Advance and at the start of the IIT admission process.

Applications for IIT scholarships can be made right after clearing JEE Advance and at the start of the IIT admission process. source : Shutterstock

IIT scholarships are offered by institutes, corporates, alumni associations and the government
JEE rank, parental income and academic performance are considered before shortlisting candidates for the scholarships

Getting into IITs is the ideal starting point for a high-flying career in science and technology. But the admission and semester fees might be beyond the reach of students coming from middle-class families. This is where scholarships offered by institutes, corporates, alumni associations and the government are likely to come in handy. You can apply for these scholarships right after clearing your JEE Advance exam and at the start of the admission process at IITs.


Scholarships available for IIT Madras

Institute Merit-cumMeans Scholarship: To get this scholarship, a student’s family income must not exceed Rs 4,50,000. Students can apply for it to get a 67% tuition fee waiver. Though 25% of all admitted students can make use of the scholarship, its renewal is subject to a minimum GPA of 5.0 in the previous semester.

Aditya Birla Scholarship: The top 20 students in JEE Advance are awarded Rs 60,000 a year through this scholarship. It’s renewed every year by Aditya Birla Group.

Inlakhs Scholarship: This scholarship of Rs 25,000 for a four-year period every semester is awarded to students, depending on their academic performance (CGPA of 9.0 or higher) at the end of the second semester.

Dr K Vasanth Rau Scholarship: One student will receive Rs 25,000 every year during his/her academic programme through this scholarship, depending on the student’s JEE rank and his/her parental income that must not exceed Rs 5.50 lakh. It’s renewable with a GPA of 6.5 or higher.

OPJEM Scholarship: This scholarship provides Rs 65,000 per year to the top 20 students based on JEE rank. The college selects first-year students based on their entrance exam ranking at the time of admission. Second, third, and fourth-year students are also evaluated based on their academic performance in the previous year.

Scholarships available for IIT Delhi

Merit-cum-means Scholarship: This is available for students with a family income of less than Rs 4.5 lakh per annum (LPA) and a GPA of at least 6. However, owing to the high tuition costs (2 LPA), UG students at the Institute with family income above this threshold also require assistance.

Donor supported MCM Scholarship: This is awarded to students who are required to pay the full tuition fee and have a family income of less than 9 LPA. The scholarship of Rs 1 lakh a year covers half of the tuition fee and is valid for four years. The candidates are shortlisted based on their JEE Advanced rank. The scholarship is renewed if they maintain a CGPA of at least 7 at the end of each academic year.

Apart from these, alumni, corporations, and philanthropists have established scholarships at IIT Delhi to assist students with limited financial resources.

Scholarships available for IIT Gandhinagar

Erach and Meheroo Mehta Merit Scholarship: The scholarship amount is Rs 2 lakh per student every year for four years. It is given to the top five students admitted to the BTech programme who have a JEE Advanced rank of 1,000 or higher or have represented India in any recognised international Olympiad.

Dr JL Nayyar Scholarship: The scholarship is worth Rs 1 lakh and is given to one BTech student each year to help with internships (both international and domestic), special projects and opportunities and financial needs. BTech students with a CPI of at least 6.5 are eligible.

Professor DV Pai Scholarship: One student from IIT Gandhinagar's MSc programme in Mathematics receives this Merit-cum-Means Scholarship, which is worth Rs 25,000, every year. The student's gross annual parental income from all sources should not exceed Rs 8 lakh. The student should also have a CPI of at least 7.0.

Scholarship for Academic Excellence: Each student who achieves the highest CPI in their respective disciplines receives 2,000 per month for 10 months through this scholarship. If the awardee is also the recipient of another scholarship of equal or greater value, he/she is only eligible for a one-time payment of 5000.

Scholarships available for IIT Kanpur

Merit cum Means Scholarship: For the entire duration of the programme, students receive a full tuition waiver and a pocket allowance of Rs. 1000 per month through this scholarship. As this is a merit-cum-means scholarship, the recipients must maintain a minimum CPI of 6.5.

Bright Minds Scholarship: This annual scholarship of Rs 3 lakhs covers the entire tuition fee as well as the recipients’ hostel, books and miscellaneous expenses. It was founded with the help of IIT Kanpur alumnus Lokvir Kapoor. This is for the top-ranking 100 students in JEE Advanced who are seeking admission to the BTech/BS programme.

INSPIRE Scholarship: Students of BS programmes are awarded an annual scholarship of Rs 30,000 per semester as well as a research grant of Rs 20,000. Students in the Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics departments who have an ALL INDIA RANK (AIR) of 10,000 or higher on the Common Merit LIST (CML) are eligible for this scholarship.

Apart from these scholarships, IIT Kanpur offers its students more than 115 donor scholarships.

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13:05 PM
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