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“I am glad to encourage many other young minds," says Prajya Biswas Winner of 18u18 Chapter II

Suparna Ghosh
Suparna Ghosh
Posted on 15 Feb 2023
13:14 PM


Prajya has made a place for herself in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2022
I am glad that I am able to encourage many other young minds to explore their abilities

Prajya, having won over 100 awards from various departments of the Government of India, has also made a place for herself in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2022, making her a well-known face of success at an early age. She has been awarded first prize in the 7th India International Science Festival for the Science Fiction Writing Competition and has also made it to the Top 100 Influential Indians list and the Top 50 Inspiring Women of 2022 list in India.

These awards are one of my biggest inspirations to stay motivated, and most importantly developing new ideas and innovations”, says Prajya about her many accolades. She further adds, “I am glad that I am able to encourage many other young minds to explore their abilities.”

This will always encourage me to achieve more success in the future,” said Prajya.


First Innovation

The world record holder is determined to use her love for science in actions and innovations that will help the country grow and evolve. In fact, behind her smart car innovation, there is an interesting story, says Prajya. “Once when I was travelling with my parents for a long drive, a police officer was checking the drivers with a device. My father was also stopped for detecting alcohol in his body with a device. This made me think about the biggest reason for accidents in our country - Drink & Drive.”

“So I worked on it and invented a device that will automatically analyse the driver’s alcohol level through breath. If the percentage of alcohol is more, then it will send a signal to the engine of the car and the car will not start. If the driver still tries to start the car while intoxicated, the car will not start and will raise an alarm inside the car to warn the passengers.”

Additionally, “a face detector will be installed which will count the blinking rate. It will automatically detect whether the driver is falling asleep or not and accordingly it will raise alarms.

Prajya mentions, “With this innovation I hope to save the lives of millions of citizens and prevent car accidents.”

Family and Career

When it comes to her success, Prajya gives much of the credit to the constant support that she has received from her parents, who have also acknowledged her abilities to transform the world into a better place. “Without my parents and school’s support whatever I have achieved won’t have been possible for me,” acknowledges Prajya.

“Also, I won’t forget to thank myself that I obeyed and worked under the guidance of my parents and teachers, and have never fallen apart in any situation.”

“But yes, the support and encouragement of my school and parents have played the biggest role in my life.

On being asked about her specific career goals, she shares, “As of now, I am determined to make an effort toward innovation, to develop newer ideas so that I can contribute something towards developing my nation.”

Ideas for future innovations

Prajya says, “I have new ideas as well, but I would like to develop them in better, more functional ways. So right now I am looking into certain issues and trying to generate new ideas and work upon them. But ultimately, my only motive behind any innovation would be the betterment of mankind and my nation.”

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