World Youth Skill Day 2022

Meet Anik Roy, a winner of Edugraph Skillfest 2022 - Digital Art

Mehwash Hussain
Mehwash Hussain
Posted on 23 Jul 2022
13:05 PM
Anik Roy of Calcutta Public School bags first prize in Digital Design

Anik Roy of Calcutta Public School bags first prize in Digital Design Anik Roy


World Youth Skill Day is observed by the United Nations every year on 15 July. This year, The Telegraph Online Edugraph celebrated the occasion with Skillfest 2022 - a forum for young students to showcase their talents in 5 different categories and win exciting prizes.

Our winner in the Digital Design category is Anik Roy, a student of class 10 from Calcutta Public School, who showcased his artistic skills and brilliant imagination on the given theme. In this category, students were asked to submit a digital poster showcasing an original and transformative design idea on the theme of Technology in Daily Life in 2050.

Edugraph caught up with Anik after the win. Here’s what he had to say:


“Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity! It is often said that "There is seldom a greater feeling than success" but I beg to differ, it's when success comes veiled as passion, that's what when it feels the greatest. Passion with a mix of hard work is what really assures success and today I'm really grateful for having proven that this belief isn't merely a fairytale. I'm utterly overwhelmed and overjoyed by this news. My heart feels so full of gratitude and pure happiness! I'm genuinely grateful to a whole lot of people. All of them have a huge contribution to my success today. This whole project first, for being this wonderful initiative; my school, for giving me the platform to showcase my skills and talent and for believing in me; and not to forget, my family, for always having my back. I wouldn't have been here without these generous contributions.”

When asked about the thought process behind his art, he said, ‘Well, my one goal with this piece was to stick to the theme but also amalgamate my own vision into it, make something that was unique and something that stayed true to myself and my own ideas. The topic was not as simple as it might seem. I went through several websites to draw inspiration from and made a mental framework of whatever I wanted to include, the key points mainly, and built the basic vision. It was a little tricky but perseverance is an asset and I'm fortunate enough to say that it is indeed one of my strengths. To be honest, I was more invested in giving my 100% to this piece, making it as brilliant as possible from my end. Safe to say that it really is true that if you are passionate about your project, your success is guaranteed.’

We also reached out to his school, where we spoke with Ms Proma Das, Principal, Calcutta Public School. “I am very pleased to see Anik achieving laurels in a myriad of competitions. He is an extremely diligent and sincere student and I wish him all the very best in his future endeavours.”

Take a look at the entry Anik sent to the contest.

 Anik’s entry for Edugraph’s Skillfest 2022

Anik’s entry for Edugraph’s Skillfest 2022 Anik Roy

Edugraph congratulates Anik and wishes him all the best for his future endeavours.

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