ISC 2023: What are the important topics to cover in commerce? know here

Nancy Jaiswal
Nancy Jaiswal
Posted on 13 Dec 2022
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The mere thought of taking the Indian School Certificate (ISC) examination can give sleepless nights to even the top performing students
Students must take a note on creating their own unique daily, weekly and monthly timetables

The mere thought of taking the Indian School Certificate (ISC) examination can give sleepless nights to even the top performing students. It is during these times that students mostly look up for easy tips and tricks to crack the examinations. Commerce being one of the toughest subjects to crack, The Telegraph Online Edugraph brings you expert tips to deal with the subject stress by Sanghamitra Sinha, senior school teacher of La Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata. Read on to know more ..

Sanghamitra Sinha

Sanghamitra Sinha Source: Sanghamitra Sinha

As per the revised syllabus and ISC commerce specimen paper (2023) sent by the council the following structure has been provided:

  1. Section A (16 Marks)
  • Objective type and very short questions
  • Short answer type questions

2. Section B (32 Marks)

  • Short answer type questions

3. Section C (32 Marks)

  • Long answer type questions

This section contains:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Fill in the blanks
  • True or False
  • Pick the odd one out
  • Assertion/ reason questions

To handle these questions:

  • Detailed study is recommended
  • Selective study must be avoided
  • Students must go through examples given in the various topics in the textbook
  • For example: Importance of business environment – Almost every point head is explained with examples; Similarly for financing and marketing chapters.
  • This will help students to answer application based questions easily.
  • Study tips for Section B

This section contains:

  • Direct short answer type questions

Key points to remember while answering section B:

  • Students should try to answer in point form
  • Point header and explanation for the same should be written
  • If a student is unable to remember the exact point head, only correct explanation will also do. Generally, the point head is mentioned in the explanation.
  • Only point header without any explanation will definitely not fetch the student desired marks
  • While preparing, students usually find it difficult to remember each point fully. Here they should try to learn the key words within the point and string the answer in their language.
  • Study tips for Section C

This section contains:

  • Long answer type questions. These questions are of (5+3) pattern marks each.

Key points to remember while answering section C:

  • Some questions have alternatives to them. Students must be cautious in choosing the suitable question. Direct questions are obviously easier to answer.

Overall Tips:

  • Consumer protection Act 2019 contains some additional rights of consumers along with other rights these rights must be emphasized upon.
  • Short case studies on rights of consumers are available on the internet. Students are recommended to go through these in their spare time.
  • When answering questions on types of preference shares or debentures students must note that:
  • Cumulative and non-cumulative preference shares are one category
  • They must not write cumulative as one type and non-cumulative as another type. Same for other types as well.
  • All differences must be presented in tabular form.
  • Above all, students must study the scope of the syllabus well.
  • Maslow’s theory- when answering a question on this, students must ensure that every ‘need’ is explained keeping the business perspective in mind.
  • Once the students are able to grasp the syllabus they must solve questions of the specimen papers and also go through questions of past 5 years although the paper pattern may not be the same, chapters remain constant
  • Adequate sleep is very important for charging the memory.

To top it all, students must also understand that allocating time to each topic is extremely important. Hence students must take a note on creating their own unique daily, weekly and monthly timetables. Allocate specific time spent on each subject or topic and keep a guide to assure you are never off the schedule and you are good to go!

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