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Everyone has one 'Keeda' inside them which is waiting to come out: Kareema Barry

Nancy Jaiswal
Nancy Jaiswal
Posted on 15 Nov 2022
13:28 PM
Kareema Barry is a well known social media influencer

Kareema Barry is a well known social media influencer Source: Instagram

“I believe it all started with me observing people and then imitating the same in front of my elder sister”
“Because initially I have gone through days when I literally used to burn myself to prepare content and then suddenly disappear off the platform for a month or so”

Social media platforms have emerged as a necessity for people across the world. Especially for young people it is not only a medium of escape from their daily lives but also a medium to connect and network. Social media and its influencers, in turn, showcase a fantasy world to young people. But it is not all fun and entertainment. Being a social media influencer is a multifaceted job role that includes creating unique content, negotiating, and monitoring current trends. Our very well known expert for today, Kareema Barry of Masaba Masaba, throws light on the key to get success on social media. Read on to know more….

Q. What do you think is the key to success on social media?

KB: I believe being your genuine self is a sureshot key to success on the platform. Speaking about myself, before I even became a content creator I used to follow a lot of Youtubers and admire people, like all of us do. When advising someone young, who looks forward to making a career on the platform, I will like to say one does not have to be a character but just being the way they are is going to help them succeed in the long run.


Q. How do you start preparing content you produce on social media?

KB: I believe it all started with me observing people and then imitating the same in front of my elder sister. Even back in my college days when I used to stay with my flatmates, we generally used to talk about different types of people. Initially my preparation always begins with my being around and surrounded by people. I am quite an extrovert as a person and I love going out and meeting people of all kinds. The other things which worked in my favour were being spontaneous and consistent in my postings as nothing beats that.

Source: Instagram

Q. What made you choose the type of entertainment you do on social media?

KB: I have always been a member of public speaking and debating clubs. I remember the first time I was ever on stage was for elocution back when I studied in Welland Gouldsmith School. I was also the president of the public speaking club in class 11 and 12 and that’s when I realised this is what I like and enjoy: voice modulation, playing characters. Post which I started debating in DU during my college days. Then I started observing social categories and other kinds of things which I did not like about the society. I always tend to use humour whenever I am trying to explain a concept as I strongly believe it penetrates people much more easily than any other element. That's how I started choosing these kinds of topics as I felt it would allow my audience to connect with me more easily.

Q. What is that one thing which you would like to do differently if you were starting in the industry now?

KB: I would say timing the breaks. Because initially I have gone through days when I literally used to burn myself to prepare content and then suddenly disappear off the platform for a month or so. I believe this is something which I would not like to repeat now and be more spontaneous. I have realised it helps one to bounce back faster and not feel guilty about not being very active on the platform.

Q. You self-shot your Masaba Masaba audition video, which was well appreciated. What, according to you, are a few of the crucial things which you learnt from the same that can help a young professional when they are auditioning?

KB: As I am still quite young and very new to the industry, I happen to learn every single day. But a few crucial things which I have learnt is that being on time is an important thing that needs to be mastered. Apart from that I feel a young professional also needs to understand that not losing oneself in the process is also crucial. They should learn to keep their friends close and talk about whatever they feel like to be grounded. Lastly, understanding that rejection is not personal. It's a vision that you may not fit in the script and that’s absolutely okay. I feel these things have helped me a lot and it came very naturally to me because otherwise I am a very competitive person. Now whenever I go through a rejection, I try to understand more and see the person they have selected finally, to get a better grasp on the matter.

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Source: Instagram

Q. There are a lot of social media influencers these days but still you have managed to cut through the noise and make a name for yourself. What do you think is that one quality which has worked in your favour in this regard?

KB: You know that Keeda theory? Like everyone has a keeda inside of them which is waiting to come out like a motivational thing. When people relate to each other it's like their keedas relating to each other and perhaps mine is too loud.

Q. You were quite a bright student in high school and you also managed to stay active in different segments like: singing, sports, debates and other competitions. How did you manage to strike a balance between studies and other activities?

KB: I would like to give 100% credit for this to my parents. One never needs to punish or pressurise a child for not doing well, say in class 5 or 6. In my case, my parents never pressurised me for my class 10 board exams, as well. I think the fact that they never pressurised me triggered me to pressurise myself and do better. I strongly believe my parents made that balance for me, because as a child I always wanted to do so many things and if I wasn't the best at something I would just want to quit it. On the other hand, my parents understood that thing about me and they really tried their best to maintain that “do not take everything seriously to a point” and if you really want to strike a balance at a young age I would say - do not burn yourself out. Try everything that you like and see what works out in the long run by narrowing it down.

Careers in social media are always in high demand because in the present day, social media plays a vital role in the way people interact, share information, learn, influence and handle most communication. And as our expert Kareema Barry says, as long as you present your authentic self, you are good to go.

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