IG Influencer series | Consistency, Reach & Authenticity: Ritvi Shah’s Content Creator Mantra

Aditi Gupta
Aditi Gupta
Posted on 07 Dec 2022
20:35 PM
Content creator Ritvi Shah along with being featured on the cover of Femina magazine

Content creator Ritvi Shah along with being featured on the cover of Femina magazine Source: Instagram

A popular Instagram influencer, Ritvi spoke to us at Edugraph about creating content, the creators' era and not limiting herself to a box
'People think that content creators have such happening lives all the time, but that is such a lie because there are days when I just try to get out of bed'

Content creation has been one of the most talked about career options and has escalated lately, especially during the first lockdown. With the GenZ being caged inside four walls, youngsters channelised their energy into creating short-form videos. At the same time, this kind of content went on to become a massive hit across the world and many content creators even found ways to monetise it. Ritvi Shah is also one of those who started her content journey in 2020 to being featured in a leading magazine (Femina) and gaining a massive following on the platform.

A popular Instagram influencer, Ritvi spoke to us at Edugraph about creating content, the creators' era and not limiting herself to a box. Read on as Ritivi shares her experience till now.

Q. How did content creation happen?


I have grown up seeing creators who have changed the world and made a difference through their content. Be it putting a smile on someone’s face or helping someone literally, with their go fund base. I know I cannot change the world entirely, but I can make a difference if that makes sense. So, I always wanted to do something like that and I initially started with YouTube. But quickly realised that this platform needs a lot more effort and I would be needing a team if I wanted to be consistent in uploading videos.

If you go for a job, they give you things that are in your hand, you have guidance and a set pattern. But, nobody gave me a formula or a set idea. I didn't know where to start and didn't have the confidence to as well, since a lot of content was already there about fashion and lifestyle.

However, during the lockdown period in 2020, I had taken a semester off and I had a lot of time. That's when I gave myself four months to create content and see how this goes full time. I quickly realised the whole key to creating content and being successful in it the consistency– which I lacked at that time. But I just continued doing it and I started figuring out how to be consistent in doing what I was obsessed with i.e, creating content. Once I was able to give the effort, it turned out to be good.

Q. What was your source of inspiration?

The OGs of the content creation world like Bhuvan Bam, Komal Pandey, and Kusha Kapila! You see them making a difference in so many people’s lives through just a video or a post. That was very beautiful and powerful to me–that you can reach so many people and voices, just by doing what you love.

The idea of connecting with as many people as possible through means of social media is what inspired me and I felt like I just have to do something in that area.

Source: Instagram

Q. How do you stay up-to-date with trends, especially when it comes to fashion and lifestyle, as they keep changing?

I am a creator as well as a consumer. So, while I create content, I have so many ideas because I consume that much content as well, through various platforms and not just through social media but from my day-to-day life, from the people in my life, and the audience that I interact with. That is what keeps me going and updated.

Q. What does a day in the life of Ritvi Shah look like?

Usually, people think that content creators have such happening lives all the time, but that is such a lie because there are days when I just try to get out of bed. And some days I work on finishing scripts and coming up with new concepts for my videos. It is like a 9 to 5 job but more of a 24/7 job. A typical day would look like this–working on deadlines, if there is an event then going to the event and socialising and networking, coming back and creating more content.

Q. You were recently on the cover of Femina Digital magazine, which is a big deal for content creators. What advice would you give to aspiring content creators to bag something like that?

I have a whole list that I can give to new content creators, but it all comes down to trial and error. If something works for me does not necessarily mean it will work for others, too. But I would say the important factors, based on whatever has worked for me and from what I have seen, are:

1. Consistency. People do throw around this word a lot but they do not explain why consistency is important. I realised that the more in repetition you do things, the more you do them right. So practise does make perfect. One of the important things about consistency is that you end up editing and posting a video every day, and you will get better as your content gets better. So, as a creator you and your content, both grow.

2. Reach: You post one video a week as opposed to you posting one every single day. If this is the 20th time they have come across your account on their explore, in the end they will be curious to know who you are and they will consider looking you up.

3. Authenticity: In every single opportunity that I have had, as with other people–the one common thing is authenticity. Any creator that you see is thriving, is because they are authentic in who they are and what they create.

Q. Unlike many creators out there, you do not stick to a niche of your own. Do you think you’d be following a niche anytime soon?

When starting I tried my hands at everything. And now that the creator space is growing, the idea of a niche has become very boxing for me. I’d be stressed to think of having a particular niche as I like to do anything and everything. If you go and see my Instagram profile, you will see fashion and lifestyle content. I believe just doing what makes you happy and genuinely love is more important than selecting a niche. I have been a big believer in the saying– “jack of all trades, master of none but oftentimes better than the master of one”. Master that one thing that you are good at, but there is no harm in also exploring other things as well.

Source: Instagram

Q. Any additional words of advice for young people looking to find a footing in the content creation journey?

From where I used to see content creators to wanting to become one to finally being one–the one thing that I have understood is: creating content looks like one of the easiest jobs in the world, but it honestly is one of the hardest. There are so many things that are not accounted for, several things people do not share that goes behind the scenes. So, when people go into content creation there is a big misconception around it–they have no idea it will require so much work. This is something that aspiring content creators should be aware of at the start.

So, to all the aspiring content creators out there, who genuinely do want to make a difference through their content, Ritvi says–it will definitely take more work than you anticipated and it will consume you at one point. But that is okay as long as you are enjoying the process.

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