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ICSE Preparation Tips: Know important chapters, study tips for ICSE 2023 Mathematics Board Exam

Aditi Gupta
Aditi Gupta
Posted on 25 Jan 2023
17:23 PM
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Students should use the reading time wisely and should concentrate more on deciding the four questions from Section B
It is extremely important to complete the entire paper within 2 hours and 15 minutes. 15 minutes should be given to revise the answer script thoroughly specifically the calculations

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Mathematics is one of those ICSE Class 10 subjects where the right preparation can help you get a perfect score. And to help you do just that, we at The Telegraph Online Edugraph bring you preparation tips from expert teachers from renowned schools.


So, if you are a class 10 student appearing for the mathematics paper this year for ICSE 2023 then worry not, as, Mr Michael Dutta, Mathematics Teacher from South City International School shares his input on the exam paper structure, important pointers, how to prepare and strategies to cope with exam stress. Read on to know more.

The Mathematics paper for the ICSE Class 10 Board Exams 2023 is divided into two sections. Section A is a compulsory section and Section B consists of 7 questions, out of which students need to choose any four, ideally during the reading time.

Structure of the ICSE exam Paper:

Section A:

  • Question 1 consists of 15 MCQs
  • Question 2 consists of 3 (4 mark) questions
  • Question 3 consists of 3 questions out of which two questions are of 4 marks and one 5-mark question.Section B:
  • Question 4 to Question 10 include two types of questions:

6 questions with 3 subparts each, out of which the first two questions are of 3 marks and third part carrying 4 marks.

1 question with 2 subparts: one 4-mark question and one 6-mark question

Students should keep these points in mind for ICSE Class 10 Board Exams 2023 Mathematics paper:

1) Students may answer in any order and they should start with a section or a question they are more confident in. The section should be clearly mentioned and the question number should be properly marked.

2) For MCQs they should show the rough work if required beside the answers after making a rough column.

3) Students should follow the following time durations for each section:

  • Section A:

15 MCQ questions: 20 minutes

5 (4 mark) questions: 30 minutes (6 minutes each)

1 (5 mark) question: 7 minutes

Grace: 3 minutes

  • Section B:

3 questions consist of 3 subparts (3+3+4): 60 minutes (20 minutes for each question)

1 question consists of 2 subparts recommended (4+6): 15 minutes

Revision: 15 minutes

Total: 150 minutes

4) Students should attempt the 6 marks question given on the paper.

5) In case they are stuck on any question for a long time, they should immediately switch to the next question and may re-attempt the same during revision.

6) Presentation should be neat and clean. Rough work should be clearly shown in the rough column so that the examiner may refer to that if there is any error while copying the values from rough.

7) Students should prepare the syllabus as per their abilities, areas of interest and strengths.

8) Students should positively answer the graph questions which will help them to score more overall. Practice graph questions at home on graph papers.

9) For all geometry questions, figure drawing and correct labeling is a must wherever applicable. Students should draw figures with pencil and use geometrical instruments for construction. Geometrical traces shouldn’t be erased at all.

10) For all subjective questions, all steps should be clearly shown. Omission in steps will result in deduction of marks.

 Mr Michael Dutta, Mathematics Teacher, South City International School

Mr Michael Dutta, Mathematics Teacher, South City International School Source: South City International School

Tips for preparation:

1. Important chapters to prepare and should be given more attention:

Statistics, Quadratic Equations & applications, Similarity, Circles, Mensuration and Trigonometry.

2. Study methods to follow before exam:

Students should practice the ICSE math specimen paper and the last 5 years' question papers while timing themselves for 2 hours 30 minutes at a stretch.

They should make a list of formulas and theorems/properties used mostly and should go through it at regular intervals.

3. How to revise efficiently:

Students should revise model papers and keep assessing themselves. Chapter tests are a must to gain confidence in individual chapters.

4. Allotment of time:

For ICSE board exams 2023 Mathematics preparation, hard work and smart work both are required at the same time. So they need to allot more time to important chapters as mentioned keeping in mind the chapter-wise marks distribution as per ICSE specimen paper.

5. Coping with exam stress:

Keep your calm, work on your mistakes, recheck calculations and read the questions carefully. During revision use smart ways to verify answers as relevant.

Hoping the above tips by Mr Michael Dutta, Mathematics Teacher, South City International School help you with Maths in your ICSE board exams 2023. The Edugraph team wishes all the students appearing for the ICSE Class 10 Board Exams 2023, all the best!

Last updated on 25 Jan 2023
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