ICSE Preparation Tips: Important tricks to prepare for your ICSE Biology Paper 2023

Suparna Ghosh
Suparna Ghosh
Posted on 27 Jan 2023
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The latest specimen paper format in Biology has a few modifications as compared to the previous years’ paper
Students should practice specimen papers and maintain the allotted time while practising

With the ICSE 2023 exams right around the corner, let’s take a look at the ICSE Class 10 Biology paper. Biology has always been among those interesting subjects where you can easily score marks. The subject can earn you scores as long as you know the methods and strategies you need to revise effectively.

And with that in mind, we bring you some expert preparation tips from Ms Debjani Sarkar, Senior Biology teacher, La Martiniere for Girls School. She shares her inputs on the ICSE Biology paper format, what is the proper method to study Biology for ICSE, important tricks and tips to ace the exam, important topics to cover and a lot more. Read on to know more about preparation tips…

Biology Paper Format and Marks Division


The latest specimen paper format in Biology has a few modifications as compared to the previous years’ paper. The paper will be divided into 2 sections.

Section A Pattern - all questions are compulsory and of 1 mark each

15 MCQs

5 Name the following

5 Arrange in logical sequence

5 Match the following

5 Choose the odd one out and state the category of the remaining

5 Give the exact location of the biological structures

Study Tips and Strategies for Section A of the ICSE Biology Paper 2023

  • Answer all the questions in order.
  • Textbook to be studied thoroughly, highlighted terms to be focused on.
  • Selective study isn’t advised.
  • Read the question paper properly and answer the questions to the point.
  • For answering MCQs, select the most appropriate answer. Multiple answers should not be indicated.
  • The bold terms/words in the book, glossary at the end of each chapter are important for answering ‘Name the following’ section.
  • Re-write the logical sequence answer correctly and thoughtfully. Usually the sequence of a biological process or structure of a tissue or organ is given for this question. Begin the sequence from the word underlined and then terminate at the end of the process or structure accordingly.
  • For match the following, it is advised to rewrite the correct answers beside with correct numbers. There shouldn’t be double matching.
  • For choose the odd one out, students should write the answers in a tabular form. Writing the category of the remaining terms is also mandatory to get marks awarded for this question.
  • For questions on location, students are advised to write atleast one line describing the location instead of answering in one word.

For example: Location of Pituitary gland

Answer: Hangs from the base of the midbrain below hypothalamus and not write only Brain.

Section B Pattern - 4 questions of 10 marks each

Total weightage of this section is 40 marks. Students need to attempt 4 out of 6 questions. If a student wishes to attempt more questions, they can attempt. In that scenario, the answer with the least marks is considered extra and the best 4 answers are considered.

Tips and Tricks for answering the ICSE Biology Paper Section B:

  • There’s no elective study for this section. Hence students should study the chapters in detail.
  • Students should learn and expand the abbreviations like DNA, BCG, WHO, etc
  • When attempting the question on differences, the most relevant points of difference are to be written and both sides should be correct.
  • For reasoning based questions, the most relevant reason should be explained as the marks weightage is 2.
  • Structure of spermatozoa, neuron etc. are to be practised. Labellings have more weightage and should be memorised very well. Also, diagrams are to be drawn for questions wherever asked.
  • Terms or keywords should be highlighted in bold while writing answers.
  • Students should practice specimen papers and maintain the allotted time while practising. It is important to complete all the questions within the stipulated time.
  • Writing to-the-point answers, according to the questions, is imperative.

Team Edugraph and Miss Debjani Sarkar wish all the luck to the ICSE 2023 batch. Eat healthy, sleep well and remain focused on your subject niche.

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