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ICSE Preparation Tips: How to score in ICSE Geography Paper 2023

Mehwash Hussain
Mehwash Hussain
Posted on 23 Jan 2023
16:42 PM


Daily map practicing is important when preparing for the ICSE Geography examination
Students should study the textbook very carefully and thoroughly. They must follow the curriculum strictly for 2023. Understanding chapters must be the priority of students when it comes to answering MCQs

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out ~ Robert Callier

So are you currently studying for an ICSE Class 10 Geography paper and looking for the best way to prepare for and attempt the paper? Read on for some top tips.

We, at Edugraph, connected with Hena Siddiqui, a Geography teacher at Seventh Day Adventist School to discuss what is the right method to study for the ICSE Class 10 Geography paper, important chapters, map pointing and much more. Read on to get the best preparation tips and get ready to score the best in the subject!


1. Tips on the correct method to study geography.

There’s no correct method as such to study Geography. It is a living subject. What you see is what you learn, so it is easy to relate to and remember. It is one of the scoring subjects of ICSE which can help increase your percentage if studied with the right preparation strategy.

2. Insights on the latest paper pattern and how to ace it in the exam.

Looking at the latest paper pattern, Section A consists of 30 marks which are compulsory and divided into 3 questions. 10 marks for the toposheet, 10 marks for India Map and 10 marks for MCQs covering all the chapters.

Section B consists of 9 structured questions from all the chapters out of which students have to attempt any 5. This makes it easy for students to prepare for the examination as they can decide which 5 chapters they’d study beforehand. Even though Section B requires students to attempt 5 questions, I always recommend students attempt 6 questions.

3. What are the most important chapters for this year that students must pay attention to?

Students should give utmost attention to the following chapters:

  • Climate of India
  • Soil Resource
  • Natural Vegetation
  • Water Resources
  • Minerals
  • Transport

These chapters are important and scoring as well as it is all very relatable in our day-to-day life.

4. How to practice and score marks in Survey Map?

With google maps and a plethora of information available on the internet, toposheets have lost their importance. It is not a difficult section, rather it is a scoring section. Marks have been reduced but it is still a compulsory section mark can be scored if you prepare for it properly. Students must learn conventional signs and important definitions and practice them to keep on their fingertips.

5. Is there any tip for students to ace map pointing?

Map pointing can be easy if you take a map, mark the important points and stick it on a wall where you can see it clearly. So, every time you get up just take a look at the map and your mind will remember the visuals which would prove helpful at the time of the examination. In this way, acing map pointing will be easy.

6. How much time should a student give to specific chapters?

Students should study the textbook very carefully and thoroughly. They must follow the curriculum strictly for 2023. Understanding chapters must be the priority of students when it comes to answering MCQs.

An hour or two must be given to each and every chapter of Geography for a thorough understanding and to excel in ICSE 2023.

7. How to revise last minute for the board examination?

Geography is a subject that requires short and precise answers. When you learn, try to underline important points so that before the examination you can just go through them.

8. Tips on self-assessment before the examination

  • Try to solve the specimen papers of the last 5-6 years of ICSE.
  • Daily map practising is important.
  • Follow a daily schedule.
  • Understand the chapters thoroughly.
  • During the examination, read the question paper carefully and then select your choices.
  • Try to solve the toposheet during the first 15 minutes of the examination.

Studying for the exam thoroughly, keeping a cool head and answering to the best of your abilities should be your key priorities. We truly hope that these tips will help you as you prepare for the Geography paper of the ICSE 2023 examination. Best of luck!

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