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How to choose the right company to start your career in the IT sector in 2022

Narayan Mahadevan
Narayan Mahadevan
Posted on 24 Apr 2022
11:20 AM
Choosing the right company in the IT sector can determine the course of your career.

Choosing the right company in the IT sector can determine the course of your career. Shutterstock

Keep your eyes open for challenging opportunities as they can help you learn new skills in a short time
Activating your networking options is important as they can help you give insights into a company

Choosing the right company is just as important as choosing the right career path. But finding the right match in a company is just as hard as it is significant. It’s even more important when it comes to the IT sector where a big company name may make you overlook all the other factors while taking up the job.

How to choose the right job in IT


There are times when people take up a job in the IT sector with high hopes, but it’s only a few days or weeks after joining that they realise the job is not quite what they told you it would be. So, where did everything go wrong? One way to look at it is that you may be taking up anything that’s coming your way. But that’s not how it should be.

To get an ideal job, you have to ask yourself some important questions like what does your employer look like? Do the companies you are applying to fit the criteria?

Some points to consider before accepting a job offer:

Learning exposure

While choosing a company, make sure that the people working there get good exposure in terms of getting a chance to work on the latest technologies. Along with this, the company should also be able to provide you with good mentorship and opportunities for growth. As a fresher in the IT industry or any industry, getting good exposure is vital for career growth.

Challenging job profile

You should get a chance to work on new things and out of your comfort zone. A challenging job will help you create a good and strong job profile for yourself — it’ll take you a long way ahead in your career. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that you have to take up something that you cannot do. A challenging profile means you get the opportunities to work on different projects and pick up new things along the way.

Networking options

If you are in the right sector, the project will eventually give you a good base to jumpstart your career. However, you may not be able to control these variables or pre-define them. So, when you are looking for a new job, look for networking options to take charge of your career. It will help you get in touch with the right people who will be able to guide you in your career.

Career growth

When you accept a job offer, it’s natural to look at the pay you would be getting. Although the pay package should be certainly benchmarked, it should not be your deciding factor when you are about to start your career. Once you start your job, it’s important to focus on the growth and the long-term remuneration. Remember, your career growth will decide your paycheck in the long run.

Job hunting is a tedious process, but it makes the journey smoother and shorter towards reaching your goal if you know what you want. While you look for a job, remember to be patient because it’s a long way before you may get. Also, remember just because the road is long doesn’t mean you have to say yes to anything that comes your way because the right job is waiting for you.

Narayan Mahadevan is founder of BridgeLabz, an AWS-recognised incubator that focuses on tech employment.

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