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How to become a Product Developer: Education, Skills & Roles

Mehwash Hussain
Mehwash Hussain
Posted on 26 Aug 2022
14:34 PM


Product developers, also known as product development engineers, can be found working in a wide range of sectors, including retail, consumer products, electronics and technology, and food production
Without a product developer, a product cannot function, operate or stay durable for long periods of time.

Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought ~Einstein

Do you resonate with the abovementioned quote? Are you someone who enjoys creating new things that will improve our society or help a business grow, but is not sure which profession to choose?

Guess what, here we are with the answer! Being a Product Developer is an ideal profession for someone who is immensely creative and enjoys renovating old things into upgraded versions. Read on to find out more about Product Developers…


Who is a Product Developer?

In small businesses, product developers are vital. For the company to better serve clients' demands, they are in charge of creating new items or enhancing existing ones. Product developers, also known as product development engineers, can be found working in a wide range of sectors, including retail, consumer products, electronics and technology, and food production. Their responsibility is to generate concepts for innovative goods or product enhancements that benefit customers in a certain sector. Additionally, they collaborate with manufacturing experts to plan mass production of the products they create.

How to become a product developer?

Students who are interested in becoming product developers must follow the given career path:

  • Bachelor’s Degree

The minimum education needed to become a product developer is a four-year engineering degree or a bachelor's degree programme in the specific area that you want to work in. A product developer may opt to obtain a bachelor's degree in engineering, marketing and sales, industrial design, or food chemistry, depending on the sector of the economy they wish to work in.

  • Master’s Degree

Product developers do not necessarily need to complete a master's programme. However, these programmes can assist individuals in deepening their understanding of product development-related subjects and in advancing to potential jobs commanding greater responsibility in the field. Product development and management are taught separately as recognized degree programmes.

  • Internship

Students should apply for product design, development, or industrial engineering internships within their respective industries as they complete their education. This is important because it allows aspiring product developers to network inside the business and get relevant work experience that they can emphasise on their resumes.

Roles & Responsibilities of a Product Developer

Product developers work for businesses in a variety of industries to produce products that people will want to buy. They have certain important work duties irrespective of the area they choose to specialise. Here are a few of the primary jobs of any product developer:

  • Organise and carry out product development operations under the direction of the project manager.
  • Finish the product development initiatives within the authorised budget allocations and timelines.
  • Ensure that the finished products fulfil the needs of the consumer.
  • Develop process improvements, assure product quality and optimise productivity.
  • Creating and submitting product proposals to higher management for evaluation.
  • Drafting plans to support product proposals.
  • Working together with material engineers and manufacturing experts to decide what kinds of raw materials they should utilise for a product and how long the design process should take.
  • Prototyping to ascertain the resources, equipment, and amount of time required to build a product.

Top 5 Skills Required for a Product Developer

Whether it is creating custom mobile apps or innovating something for a food business, product developers who bring their A-game are always needed by businesses.

Here is the list of the top 5 skills a product developer must have:

  • Creative Thinking

The ability to think creatively is essential for product developers because it enables them to build unique product concepts that no one else has thought of. They can reinvent outdated products and develop new modifications as a result of their innovative outlook.

  • Business Understanding

An understanding of the client's requirements must be clear to the product developer. They must be familiar with the aims and outcomes the client expects from the designed product. They must also adhere to those standards in order to prevent the rest of his team from straying from the intended outcome.

  • Adopting New Methodologies

Instead of sticking with the tried-and-tested methods, a skilled software developer must be willing to adopt new ones. Market demands are undoubtedly getting more complex, and so is technology. Developers must maintain an upward learning curve and be open to suggestions from their colleagues.

  • Prototype Equipment Proficiency

The creation of prototypes is made simple for product developers by the use of 3D printers, CNC machines, and other prototyping tools. As a result, knowing how to use various prototype tools is a must if product developers have to convert their concept from a blueprint into a real demonstrable model.

  • Knowledge of programming

In the age of rapid advancements in digital technology, product developers with expertise in particular software platforms and programming languages are in high demand as well. If you are working in a software-intensive area, then having that technical knowledge and expertise is another must.

The soul of businesses and societies is product development. The product could be something tangible, like a car, a smartphone, or a coffee machine, or something intangible, like a new manufacturing method, an improved IT solution, or a fresh approach to real estate marketing. Without a product developer, a product cannot function, operate or stay durable for long periods of time. With the information provided above, we hope you can now get started with your journey in product development!

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