How to be an AI/ML Expert: Subhendu Dey shares tips & tricks

Mehwash Hussain
Mehwash Hussain
Posted on 23 Jul 2022
14:49 PM
Subhendu Dey answered queries of students at the ‘How To Be’ webinar

Subhendu Dey answered queries of students at the ‘How To Be’ webinar Edugraph

This webinar is part of The Telegraph Online Edugraph’s 'How to Be' webinar series
Subhendu Dey gave students some valuable insights about AI & ML and career opportunities in the field

‘Whatever subject you choose in elementary to high school to college, you have a chance to contribute to the world of AI&ML and you might not be aware of it,’ said Subhendu Dey, a renowned thought leader in the disciplines of cloud computing, data analytics, strategy, and architecture and the guest speaker at The Telegraph Online Edugraph's webinar on ‘How to Be an AI/ML Expert’ held on 23 July 2022.

More than 500 learners participated in the online session, which is a part of The Telegraph Edugraph's "How to be" series.

The webinar was designed to help students get in-depth knowledge of numerous areas in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as well as career opportunities in the industries.


Following are the top takeaways from the hour-long webinar:

  • AI refers to the intelligence displayed by machines or computers, and it find a lot of application in extracting meaning from large tracts of unstructured data. AI has its roots in machine learning algorithms and training which is the domain of an AI expert.
  • AI needs an ecosystem to succeed and we all are contributing to the world of AI in ways we are not even aware of.
  • Machine learning is what happens when a user interacts with a machine regularly and it learns from these interactions. It can then create a model of what it has learnt which is a software component and exists in the form of mathematical equations.
  • Google Search used to only give a list of links a few decades ago, but it can now answer users’ questions! This is an aspect of AI known as Natural Language Query and Answer.
  • In the domain of AI & ML, one could also get a PhD in Language Modelling - which is actually the autocorrect text that appears while you are framing a message.
  • Those interested in AI & ML should start by doing a bachelor’s degree at any Engineering college under any stream or a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/Statistics and specialise after. Of course, the first step to doing that is to take the JEE main exam.
  • AI & ML have a wide range of career opportunities in today’s time, and it offers good salaries and prospects for growth.

A key highlight of the session was that perseverance is the key to success in the world of AI.

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