How to be an Instagram influencer: Top 4 Strategies to be successful

Nancy Jaiswal
Nancy Jaiswal
Posted on 08 Aug 2022
19:07 PM
Instagram influencers are regular users of Instagram, with well established credibility

Instagram influencers are regular users of Instagram, with well established credibility Source: freepik

Instagram influencers earn money by unleashing their inner creativity to gain millions of followers
An influencer is someone who has the power to influence potential purchasers and decision makers

Who are instagram influencers?

Instagram influencers are regular users of Instagram, but they also have a special ability to bring about significant change, especially because of their well established credibility, and sizable audience. From the perspective of marketing, an influencer is described as someone who has the power to influence potential purchasers of a product or service. Instagram influencers usually have a high engagement rate and capitalise on their authenticity and reliability, which they have to build up over time, to create an impact on the market.

In the contemporary world, more and more businesses are building relationships with Instagram influencers to extend their reach on the platform. This is because in a lot of industries, consumers trust influencers more than brand messaging itself. This format of reaching out to consumers is referred to as influencer marketing.


How to be a successful instagram influencer

Instagram influencers earn money by unleashing their inner creativity to gain millions of followers, and enjoy a stellar position on social media. Fascinating and very rewarding, don't you think? But before you step into the sea, remember that there are many influencers out there and hence you need to be exceptional to stand out. With that out of the way, we present to you the 4 top strategies to dominate the popular social media platform.

1. How to start: Finding your niche

This is the most important step to becoming an Instagram influencer. Choose a niche or an activity that you enjoy talking about or even doing for hours, without a hint of boredom. This will ensure that the journey of content creation is easier and more enjoyable for you since you are passionate about it.

It is also recommended that you pick your area of interest based on what your target audiences will connect with. Remember, being an expert on something people want to know more about is more effective than being a jack of all trades. Particularly on Instagram, posts can drown in a sea of ​​clutter if your targeting is not right.

 Planes2prams with her daughter

Planes2prams with her daughter Source: Planes2prams

We spoke to a popular instagram influencer who goes by the handle Planes2prams, to being you a first hand insight into niche selection.

“Planes2prams' and the name completely justifies my life story. When I started my journey on instagram, I did not have a 'niche' or anything specific in mind. I was just sharing my travel journey with my friends & thats when I realized that I connected with many girls/boys who were aspiring to become cabin crew & travel the world.

Coming from a small town myself, I know the importance of being guided on the Frequently Asked Question's of this industry. Therefore I started blogging on my real lifestyle & my aviation journey. To be candid, I just share my life experiences in real time with my followers. I started with aviation & travel and now my page is a real time view of the life of a new mom & my transition from a full time cabin crew to a mommy. I connect with new moms & other women like me… sharing my experiences with them & knowing about their lives makes my experience richer . I learn from them & vice versa. So, sharing my real life is the ' Niche ' for me & I am loving it!”

2. Loyalty

Loyalty is the ultimate base of a long term respectful relationship. Being an Instagram influencer is all about building loyal and mutual relationships with your target audiences. Being loyal here means gaining the trust of your audiences by being authentic and sharing your true story. Your audiences see your story and engage with it to feel connected, entertained or motivated. So remember to never fake it.

You can captivate your audience by drawing them into your real world, and of course by personally replying to their comments and questions. A truly personal story helps build trust between you and your audience.

3. Creator mode

Make your Instagram profile compelling, real, and descriptive. Here are 3 actionable points that can help you as a content creator:

  • Use an appealing bio to invite people into your real space. This is one of the most important steps in establishing yourself as an influencer.
  • Have a creator or company profile. This will allow you to gain access to analytics and other important details about your audience.
  • Take note of demographic and age group details of your audience. Tracking your audience can help you plan future posts accordingly.

4. Personal branding

In the fast moving world of social media, brand personality becomes a critical differentiator. A strong personal brand voice is going to help you establish your identity. By having a clear understanding of who you are and what you stand for as an influencer, you can be confident that your voice is reaching the right people. Individual brand awareness, consistency, and coherence are the three cornerstones for building a loyal following and a successful influencer growth tale.

The lifestyles we see dominating social media can be very enticing. But like most things in the limelight, beneath the glossy exterior lies a whole lot of hard word. In fact, social media seems to have developed as a reaction to mainstream media and so authenticity, loyalty and hard work take you far, whereas just glitz and glam without any substance doesn’t. The high income and the fame will come, but the collaborations, the relevance and the consistency is where you have to make a start. So are you ready to make a start now?

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