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How to be a Company Secretary: 5 Essential Skills to Master

Mehwash Hussain
Mehwash Hussain
Posted on 29 Jul 2022
15:06 PM


Today's company secretaries need to have a variety of extra capabilities in comparison to those from a generation earlier
To be an excellent secretary, 5 must-have skills are very much needed

Since technology became an essential part of the corporate world, it was thought that the role of company secretaries would eventually diminish. Apparently, the time has shown that the very opposite is true. The position of company secretaries has actually grown significantly in the 20 years or so since computers were introduced in workspaces. In reality, today's company secretaries must be able to demonstrate a number of extra capabilities, which can broadly be categorised as:

Excellent Communication

Company secretaries need to be skilled in negotiating and influencing and should exercise a discretion since they deal with ethical, legal, and delicate matters relating to the companies they work with. They are also regularly engaged in interacting with senior external stakeholders, senior executives, CEOs, and others. How he or she speaks, what they are able to communicate and the impression they create reflect heavily on the company. Hence, excellent communication skills coupled with the ability to think and ideate on your feet are non-negotiable qualities.


Organisational Skills

A company secretary is the point of contact between an organisation and other businesses or organisations. As a result, they are usually engaged in multiple initiatives at the same time - which could easily lead to confusion if not managed properly. It is therefore crucial that they are well organised and capable of successfully maintaining corporate policies and processes.


A sharp eye for detail is one of the most essential abilities a corporate secretary has to display. With their involvement in crucial documentation processes, as well as their roles as advisers and negotiators, they need to pay rigorous attention to detail.

Ability to multi-task

A company secretary must balance many tasks at once, including preparing for meetings, maintaining corporate governance compliance, facilitating communication between management and the board of directors, and much more. Therefore, anyone who wishes to become a company secretary must possess strong multitasking abilities.

Competence in using specific computer software

For day-to-day operations, every organisation, nowadays, relies heavily on tools like Microsoft Word and Excel. Single sign-on portals are also used by some businesses, especially IT organisations, to access all apps. A company secretary should be able to work competently across the software being used in the organisation.

Assuring that all operations of a company follow relevant laws, rules, and moral guidelines is the responsibility of a company secretary, who also plays a crucial part in the strategy and decision-making of the organisation. A company secretary is also tasked with counselling the board of directors on ethical and corporate behaviour norms and the consequences of their business actions.

Being a company secretary comes with independence, favourable working circumstances, a sense of accomplishment, acknowledgement, support, and solid partnerships. These essential skills will pay off in the long run and provide them with the building blocks they need for success. And for those looking for the roadmap to follow to become a Company Secretary, we have got you covered!

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