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Gaming industry: Top 4 careers that a professional course can lead to

Yan Garin
Yan Garin
Posted on 11 Nov 2021
14:58 PM
The rising number of gamers in India has made it the fastest-growing market in the global gaming industry.

The rising number of gamers in India has made it the fastest-growing market in the global gaming industry. Shutterstock

he programmes focus on technical aspects as well as visual and creative elements of gaming
Trained students have greater access to opportunities in the gaming industry

India is home to around 365 million active online gamers, making it the fastest-growing market in the global gaming industry. With so many people interested in gaming, its adoption as a profession is a trend that is gradually gaining momentum. Adding to the rise of the gaming sector is more than half of the subcontinent’s 1.38 billion-strong population, which is being dominated by the youth.

What’s the potential of the gaming industry


Since the concept of working in the gaming industry is still in its nascent stage in the country, there is immense potential for growth and development. In light of the unexplored opportunities, efforts have been made towards the creation of an ecosystem that can impart a holistic game art and design education. In fact, students can now have access to a plethora of programmes that not only focus on the technical aspects of Gaming but also the visual and creative elements.

What do gaming courses offer

Gaming courses are built on a solid foundation in art direction skills, enabling students to make aesthetic decisions and create a visually appealing story. Adequately trained and guided students have greater access to stellar opportunities in the job market. The jarring gap between the supply and demand of talent in the Indian gaming sector makes entry into the market simpler.

Job roles covered by gaming courses

Some of the primary areas in a professional gaming course, which holds potential for high-value employment and can be explored as promising future careers, are:

Video game designing: At its very core lies the need for individuals who possess the creative ability to devise original game ideas. Video game designers are involved in making blueprint plans for games and their characters. They consider every detail that goes into the making of parallel creative universes that are video games! If game design is the body, then designers are its heart and mind. They are involved in every step of the process — from making storyboards to leading the UX design.

Level designers: Any video game designer can further specialise to become a level designer. As the name suggests, these individuals are behind the creation of captivating new levels in the game universe, simultaneously encouraging the user to continue playing. A level designer’s skills focus on game-oriented storytelling and imagination. One of the prime responsibilities of a level designer is to create a plethora of design documents that essentially detail the list of required assets, objectives and environment layouts.

Game art designing: At this juncture, all the ideas, concepts, stories and outlines are transformed into visuals. From concept artists who sketch the worlds, characters, vehicles and props imagined by game designers to VFX artists and animators, this team is responsible for everything visible in video games.

Game environment artists: The success of any game is measured by how engaging its environment is. Individuals working in this area are responsible for creating entire worlds within worlds. Game environment artists possess Photoshop expertise and vast knowledge of modelling packages such as 3ds Max, Maya or Modo. They work on creating the tiniest details, such as the leaves on a tree or pieces of architecture, and then immerse themselves in building the broader game universe. Solid technical know-how coupled with the ability to showcase appealing lighting, texture, composition and colouring are the prerequisites for great game environment artists.

It is safe to say that for those keen on working in an industry as exciting as gaming, all one needs to do is find the right course and institute. Further, people should always strive towards broadening their spectrum of inspiration. This helps in keeping the work differentiated, enticing and unique. Finally, irrespective of the course a person opts for, staying true to one's goals always leads to optimum results.

Yan Garin is the Country Head and Director of Ecole Intuit Lab.

Last updated on 11 Nov 2021
14:58 PM
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