Copywriter vs Content Writer: Know The Difference

Mehwash Hussain
Mehwash Hussain
Posted on 08 Oct 2022
17:57 PM



'Do you want to be a copywriter? Isn't that just like a content writer?' Has the distinction also confused you? As the names suggest, both jobs have something to do with writing, however, there are subtle differences that set these two jobs apart. In fact, the skills required for both also differ.

So, if you're someone who confuses copywriters with content writers, read on to learn the key differences between the two.

Copywriter vs Content Writer: About The Professions

Copywriting: Writing content for marketing or advertising for a particular organisation is known as copywriting. It seeks to increase brand recognition and influence viewers to make a specific choice, like buying something. By highlighting a product's qualities in the best way possible through novel and useful ideas, they draw attention to its benefits. Copywriting can be used online or for print collaterals.


Content Writing: Making the content of the text for readers' education or entertainment and trying to increase web traffic using search engine optimization (SEO) is known as content writing. Although it might also help with sales, that is not its main goal. The goal of content writers is to improve client engagement by using strong language and relevant content. They produce customised content for use on websites and other digital platforms, as well as in print.

Copywriter vs Content Writer: Major Differences

Separating content creation from copywriting is a delicate process. Copywriting is all about persuasion in marketing, especially digital marketing; while content writing is about educating or entertaining. Here are some of the other major differences between the two:


Writing content is driven by engagement; copywriting is driven by sales. While both types of writing are done for marketing purposes, copywriting has a more defined sales goal while content writing is done more for general branding goals and is friendlier, more informative, and intended to encourage brand loyalty.

Copywriting has a defined direction because its goal is to sell or convert readers. It is short, crisp and its primarily goal is to grab attention. Copywriters should be able to write interesting copy with few words as space is usually limited. Since the goal of content authoring is engagement rather than direct sales, it can go in many different ways and contain a wide range of links.


In general, copywriting is concise, but content writing might be lengthy. Copywriting typically avoids tangents and is succinct since it guides the reader through a sales process. Contrarily, content writing can go off on many different tangents and be much longer, so as to convey information.


It's vital to keep in mind that the goal of copywriting is to apply quick fixes and grab the audience's attention. The long-term strategy of content writing, on the other hand, is to generate organic leads. Increasing awareness and generating sales through effective writing, however, are the common goals of both types of content.


Although this is a secondary, copywriters must have some knowledge of SEO. However, for content writers, knowledge of SEO is a necessity. Therefore, professional content writers must be SEO pros. Generally speaking, long-form content ranks for intelligent use of keywords instead of short-form material or copy, which seeks to grab attention and get a viewer interested, often without using any keywords.

Working Opportunities

Typically, copywriters are employed by advertising agencies that handle client marketing. On the other hand, many businesses in a range of industries employ content writers. Also, content writers frequently work through a third party, whereas copywriters frequently collaborate directly with businesses.

Copywriter vs Content Writer: The Right Choice

In terms of the differences outlined above, the main distinctions between copywriting and content writing are the goal the writer is trying to achieve with the written material and the length and style of writing. Though both fields appear to be identical, there are significant differences when we delve deeper. Whether you choose a career in content writing or copywriting, it is important to understand how these two professions differ. You'll be able to make more informed decisions about digital marketing now that you recognize the distinction between copywriting and content writing.

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