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Career Opportunities After B. Tech in Artificial Intelligence

Our Correspondent
Our Correspondent
Posted on 05 Jul 2024
13:29 PM


AI Product Manager ensures the AI products meet market needs and deliver value to users, utilizing the skills of product management, market analysis, leadership, project management
AI Consultant enables companies to effectively integrate AI technologies with industry specific knowledge

Nowadays, Artificial intelligence is in trend and favourites among students because it offers promising career opportunities in various fields. Artificial intelligence being utilised in almost every engineering and non-engineering stream, naturally creating many job options in this area. Among these let’s discuss top 10 promising career opportunities after completing B. Tech in Artificial Intelligence.

Career opportunities in engineering field:

  1. AI Engineer – To create intelligent systems that can learn and make decisions autonomously. Main responsibilities are to Develop, test, and deploy AI models to solve complex problems across various domains. Hands-on working knowledge in Machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, programming (Python, R), frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch) is essential.
  2. Machine Learning Engineer – To enable businesses to leverage data for improved decision-making and operational efficiency. Main responsibilities are to design and implement machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics and automation. Key Skills in the area of algorithms, statistical modeling, data preprocessing, software engineering are must.
  3. Data Scientist – Driving data-driven strategies for optimizing operations and services where key responsibilities of a data scientist are to analyze and interpret large datasets to extract valuable insights and inform strategic decisions. Knowledge of data analysis, statistical methods, programming (Python, R), data visualization (Tableau, Power BI) is essential.
  4. Robotics Engineer – Innovating automation solutions for enhanced efficiency and precision of the robotic system. The mail responsibilities are to design, develop, and test robotic systems for applications in manufacturing, healthcare etc. Hands-on working experience in the mechanical and electronics engineering projects, programming, robotics software (ROS) is must.
  5. NLP Engineer – Creating technologies like chatbots and language translation systems utilizing linguistics, deep learning, NLP frameworks (NLTK, SpaCy). The main responsibilities are to develop systems that understand, interpret, and generate human language.
  6. Computer Vision Engineer – Advancing autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, and medical imaging utilizing image processing, computer vision algorithms, frameworks (OpenCV, TensorFlow). Responsibilities of a computer vision engineer is to develop systems that analyze and interpret visual information.

Career opportunities in management and business field:

  1. Business Intelligence Analyst – Identifying trends and opportunities to drive growth and efficiency of the business utilizing the key skills like, analytical thinking, business acumen, understanding of data interpretation. The main responsibilities of a business intelligence analyst is to transform data into actionable business insights to guide strategic decisions.
  2. AI Consultant – Enabling companies to effectively integrate AI technologies with industry specific knowledge. An AI consultant's responsibilities are to advise businesses on implementing AI solutions to solve specific challenges.
  3. AI Product Manager – To ensure the AI products meet market needs and deliver value to users utilizing the skills of product management, market analysis, leadership, project management. The key responsibilities of an AI product manager is to oversee the development and deployment of AI-based products.
  4. Market Research Analyst - Providing insights that shape marketing strategies and product development with utilizing the skills like, market analysis, data interpretation, strategic thinking, communication. The main responsibilities of a market research analyst is to analyze market trends to help businesses understand their target audience and market dynamics.

About the Author: Dr. Salur Srikant Patnaik, Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor, Vijaybhoomi School of Science and Technology (VSST), Vijaybhoomi University.

Last updated on 05 Jul 2024
13:29 PM
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