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Rekha Kejriwal
Rekha Kejriwal
Posted on 03 Nov 2022
17:03 PM
Academic director of the Academy of Fashion & Art (AFA)

Academic director of the Academy of Fashion & Art (AFA) Source: Rekha Kejriwal

Rekha Kejriwal is an academic director of the Academy of Fashion & Art (AFA)
She strongly believes in modernising education by breaking the barriers of conventional education systems

About the author: Rekha Kejriwal is an academic director of the Academy of Fashion & Art (AFA). She is a multi-faceted personality with accomplishments as a student counsellor and motivator, educational speaker, and a complete academic guide in the field of creative careers. Rekha received her Bachelor’s and Master's degrees in MFA in Painting. With strong values of ideation, innovation, constant improvement, and inclusivity, she strongly believes in modernising education by breaking the barriers of conventional education systems.

Investigate around yourself, and you will see many buildings and landscapes crafted by architects. Architects are associated with the planning, arranging, and development of each and every sort of building, from retail locations to places of business to private homes.

In any case, assuming you’re keen on turning into an architect, you likely have a few inquiries about architects? How much does an architect make? What certificates and degrees do you need to become an architect?


To decide whether engineering configuration is the right vocation for you, utilise the aid underneath to look into how to turn into an architect, including instruction prerequisites, potential profession directions, and architects’ pay scales, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

What Is Architecture and What Do Architects Do?

You could believe that the answer to this question is that architects plan structures. Furthermore, that is basically the very thing that you’ll find, assuming you look at Architecture in the dictionary. It is defined as the workmanship or practice of arranging, planning, and developing structures and different designs.

However, there’s another side to it. In the larger scheme of things, an architect can work in various capacities, for example:

  • Making plans for business structures, from high rises to grocery stores
  • Creating plans for private construction projects
  • Helping with redesign or reclamation projects, such as switching a carport or loft completely to a decent space

However, past fostering the actual appearance of a design, modellers should likewise ensure the structure is practical and safe.

Step-by-step instructions to becoming an Architect

Turning into a draftsman requires a mix of formal schooling, preparation, and licensure. This is the way it pans out:


The minimum eligibility for a Bachelor of Architecture course is class 12 or equivalent exam from a recognized board or university, with a minimum aggregate of 50 percent marks with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects.

Bachelor of Architecture is an undergraduate course designed in a manner that it satisfies the educational stipulations of the professional statutory body. In India, the Council of Architecture serves as the professional statutory body responsible for regulating professional education and architects' registration.


One must appear for NATA and JEE Paper 2 for pursuing a 5-year degree in Bachelor of Architecture. There are about 471 institutions in India that offer Architectural education leading to recognized qualifications. The standards of Education being imparted in these institutions (constituent colleges/departments of universities, deemed universities, affiliated colleges/schools, IITs, NITs, and autonomous institutions) are governed by the Council of Architecture (Minimum Standards of Architectural Education) Regulations, 2020, which set forth the requirement of eligibility for admission, course duration, standards of staff & accommodation, course content, examination, etc. These standards as provided in the said Regulations are required to be maintained by the institutions


The last move toward turning into an authorised architect is to finish Architect Registration. All Architects after B architecture may fill out & submit an online Application Form for registration as an architect with the Council of Architecture under the Architect Act, 1972. Once it is approved, you get an Architect Registration with a licence number. Registration with the Council of Architecture entitles a person to practise the profession of architecture, provided he holds a Certificate of Registration with up-to-date renewals. The registration also entitles a person to use the title and style of Architect.

What Is the Career Path of an Architect?

Many rising architects find temporary jobs through the Architecture Experience Program and afterward change into a full-time junior Architect position inside that equivalent firm. You can hope to climb inside a firm to positions including planner/architect, senior planner/architect, project chief, division head, and lastly, head or accomplice.

A few architects choose to ultimately pass on laid-out firms to open their own architectural rehearsals. In any case, remember that turning into the central draughtsman of your own firm requires you to be knowledgeable about things beyond architectural plans, such as deals, promoting, and client relations.

Urban planning, landscape architecture, housing development, town planning, interior architecture, heritage conservation, green building architecture, etc. are several different career paths in architecture.

Architect Compensation: How much Does an Architect Make?

The salary of an Architect in India ranges between ₹ 3.0 Lakhs at entry-level to ₹ 40.0 Lakhs per annum based on the work experience and job responsibility under various fields – Government, non-government, private sector, etc. This may include housing, transport, and other benefits. Notwithstanding that, the amounts can fluctuate in light of your area, experience, and skills.

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