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An Ode to My Teacher: Tanvi Agarwal, CBSE 2022 Topper from Kolkata

Tanvi Agarwal
Tanvi Agarwal
Posted on 05 Sep 2022
15:03 PM

Tanvi Agarwal

The success of one person is a cumulative effort of all everyone supporting and encouraging them for Tanvi, her teachers were a great support system
Teaching does not only mean departing knowledge but education that includes real-life values as well

Tanvi Agarwal, a student from Lakshmipat Singhania Academy who has scored 99.8% in CBSE Class 10 Examination 2022, attributes her success to her teachers. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Tanvi has penned down an ode to her teachers who inspire and motivate her. As she beautifully captures the essence of being a mentor, we see how our best and most important teachers could be our family, our preschool teacher - or any other teacher, for that matter. Tanvi believes, and we agree, that it is the support and seeking nature that our teachers give us, that ultimately paves out paths to success.

"Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions"

I owe my recent success in the AISSE examinations to my teachers, my family and my friends. Without the constant support and help from all these people, I would not have been able to achieve this marvellous feat.


I believe that when someone achieves something, it is not just because of the efforts of that person, it is a cumulative effort put in by all the people that believe in that person and in my case, I can proudly say that for me those people were my family, my friends and above all my teachers.

I am a part of the LSA ecosystem and am blessed to have incredible teachers who are skilled in their art and want to see me constantly improve and achieve greater heights. That is one of the reasons I am an absolute admirer of the Indian Education System and Indian Educators.

The teachers at my school form wonderful relationships with their students and treat them like their own children. They are very approachable and tend to our doubts at the earliest, no matter how silly or how repetitive they might be. I think this is one of the reasons that I did so well: quality doubt resolution on time.

Our teachers were always available and helped us throughout, from explaining the concepts in detail multiple times to giving us many practice questions as well as tests which I think helped me a lot in clearing out my concepts. These constant tests helped me understand where I stand.

On the other hand, my grandmother was my first teacher, who taught me how to write and be kind to others. My preschool teachers inculcated good manners in me. My primary school teachers set my foundation and my high school teachers taught me the lesson of discipline.

So, teaching does not only mean imparting knowledge but education that, according to me, includes real-life values too. All my teachers put in a lot of effort to help me become what I am today. I have never-ending respect for them and am forever thankful to them. I owe a large part of my success to them.

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