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5 experts tips to ace JEE Main 2022

Piyush Maheshwari
Piyush Maheshwari
Posted on 24 Jun 2022
10:39 AM
The NTA is conducting the JEE Main exams in two sessions this year.

The NTA is conducting the JEE Main exams in two sessions this year. Source: Shutterstock

Mock tests and solving previous year’s question papers are good ideas
Try to relax and be calm on the day of the exam

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main Session 1 examinations began on June 23 and will be held from June 29. The Session 2 exams will be held in July.

Here are a few tips to help aspirants appear for the entrance exams confidently.

Attempt previous year’s question papers


Solving previous year’s question papers can give you insights into the exam structure, concept divisions and rotational nature of certain concepts. These are critical insights that when practised and taken note of can give you a fair bit of an idea of the questions to come. Practicing PYQs will also help aspirants assess their strengths and weaknesses and devise how to strategise better.

Focusing on strengths

We all have strengths and weaknesses, no one can be equally good in all three subjects. It is always a wise decision to start with the subject you feel most confident about. This will allow you to speedily answer the questions and gather more time to answer the harder or not-so-sure ones. The confidence gathered from answering significant parts of the paper will also help you calm down and focus on solving the more critical or difficult ones. Attempting the difficult ones right away can make you nervous. So, as a thumb rule, you can also follow the practice of devoting 40 minutes to Chemistry, 60 minutes to Mathematics, and 80 minutes to Physics. Creating these mental boundaries will keep you alert and aware.

A mock test a day

Once you are well-versed with the entire syllabus, ensure you attempt a mock test every day. Each solved mock test will build your speed and confidence in undertaking the final exam. You can put in place basic hygiene steps while taking the tests like — reading the instructions carefully, reading every question thoroughly to understand them and considering their options accordingly

Revise formulas daily

The JEE exam employs hundreds of formulas spanning the three subjects, which means keeping the base and derivative formulas at the tip of your tongue can help quickly solve questions. An easy way to do this is to regularly revise the formulas as soon as you sit down to study so that they are well imprinted in your brain. If covering all-three subject formulas daily is time-consuming, divide them chapter-wise or section-wise and create subject combinations. For example, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday can be devoted to Integration, Inorganic Chemistry and Laws of Gravity formulas.

Before-exam cautions

The day of the examination is going to be rushed and filled with anxious moments, which is why it is critical to ensure controllable elements should be taken care of beforehand. The first step to doing this is to locate the examination centre in advance, do a Google search, and find out commute time, availability of conveyance and other specifics well in advance. Along with this, ensure all documents are prepared ahead of time. Carry a print out of the admit card, carry new stationery, and collect other needful things a day before. Just before the day of the examination, relax and avoid reading up on new concepts or theories; rather focus on revising notes and important questions.

The writer is a top JEE educator at Unacademy and Mentor of 4 times 100 percentile scorers.

Last updated on 24 Jun 2022
10:39 AM
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