4 Popular Job Sectors to look out for in Aviation Management

Suparna Ghosh
Suparna Ghosh
Posted on 25 Nov 2022
17:06 PM


The key person responsible for airport duty management is the Airport Duty Manager
Cabin crew, Culinary Managers, Air hostess are the key job designations that fall under the category of Airport Hospitality

The aviation industry has a host of different career options to offer. From Airport Systems Management to Ground Handling, if you are looking to build a career in aviation, there really are a lot of options. As part of our career in aviation series, here are 4 more career options in the aviation industry.

Airport Duty Management:

Airport Duty Management involves overseeing the daily operations at the airport. The key person responsible for airport duty management is the Airport Duty Manager. An Airport Duty Manager is tasked with managing staff during their working hours, like assigning tasks to individual staff, resolving any issues that arise and ensuring that all operations throughout the day are carried out smoothly.


Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Tracking if there are any flight delays or flight cancellations, or helping if anyone needs help during their travel
  • Ensuring all the airport equipment and facilities are working properly
  • Coordinating with airport vendors to ensure that all operations are properly maintained and ensuring effective implementation of facilities
  • Overseeing requests for construction projects within the airport, such as runway expansions or new terminal construction projects
  • Building strategies and plans to improvise on airport efficiency

Skills required:

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork

The Airport Manager’s job stands at a crossroads between the management and hospitality spaces and can be a great way to start your career. The salary package of an airport manager depends on the qualifications and experience that one holds. Average annual salary of an airport duty manager ranges from 7 to 8 LPA.

Airport Systems Management

Airport Systems Management or managing the airport software involves taking care of various system operations like passenger processing, arrival/departure processing, bagging, tagging and handling, information distribution and the like. For the smooth functioning of passenger and logistics systems, it is imperative that there is real-time information exchange between the airport management systems and customers, and this is the area of expertise for an Airport Operations Specialist.

Following are the various areas of operation that they look into:

1. Baggage Handling

2. Self-service check-in systems like check-in kiosks, ensuring smooth procedures for passenger check-in and all the digital help/guide that a passenger might need before boarding

3. Terminal Management

4. Billing and Invoice Operations

5. Ground-staff Management

6. Handling Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) Systems which includes managing communication, navigation services and exchange of data. This includes safety messages, information about the weather, geographic material, traffic environment messages, communication barriers, etc. They serve as a bridge between airports and aircraft and hence fall under the airport systems management.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Tracking weather conditions to ensure safe landing and take off
  • Providing assistance to passengers in need like assisting them to the gate or helping them with their luggage
  • Conducting pre-flight checks on aircraft systems and equipment to ensure they are operational, safe, and meet federal standards
  • Maintaining records of flight operations activities such as aircraft maintenance schedules, flight plans, and cargo manifests

Skills Required:

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solver and a good observer

Airport operations specialists salaries vary depending on their education and work experience, the size of the airport, and the geographic location of the job. An entry-level airport operation specialist gets an average salary of Rs 3 to 4 LPA.

Airport Hospitality

Airport Hospitality refers to dealing with passengers and travellers at the airport and on flights. People in these roles are responsible for assisting the guests and helping them out if any problem is encountered. They oversee safety related matters of the guests. Cabin crew, Culinary Managers, Air hostess are the key job designations that fall under this category.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring high standard customer service and to be available whenever required
  • Developing and maintaining excellent relationships and open communication with internal and external departments
  • Ensuring smooth in-flight experience for passengers and attending their requests (if any) immediately
  • Calling out announcements while on flight
  • Ensuring first aid facility to passengers at the airport and on the flight as well

Skills Required:

  • Excellent fluency in languages spoken
  • Communication
  • Effective teamwork
  • Physical fitness
  • Friendly personality
  • Presence of mind

The starting salary for a cabin crew/steward (freshers) is Rs 5 to 7 LPA. Also, the starting salary of an Air Hostess in India is Rs 4.5 to 7 LPA. With years of experience the salary can go upto Rs 13 to 14 LPA.

Aircraft Maintenance Management

Ensuring and daily tracking of flight safety is essential. The maintenance of aircraft in order to ensure safe and correct functioning during flight, repairing flight defects is what aircraft maintenance management is all about. Here the key person responsible is the Aircraft Maintenance Manager.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Make a report of flight equipment needed and ensure everything is in check
  • Perform aircraft servicing, equipment installation, track any defects
  • Plan and schedule aircraft maintenance procedures
  • Ensure aircraft maintenance is performed in compliance with federal regulations and while maintaining industry standards

Skills Required:

  • Excellent vision
  • Attention to minute details
  • Physical fitness
  • Expert at using tools to ensure proper repairing
  • Sense of responsibility

The average salary of an Aircraft Maintenance Manager in India is Rs 6 to 8 LPA.

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