On World Savings Day, here are six apps to help students save money

Shreya Bose
Shreya Bose
Posted on 30 Oct 2021
12:34 PM
Save up and tick off your wish list

Save up and tick off your wish list Shutterstock

Track your expenses to create your monthly budget and pay bills on time
Save up every month to fulfill your dreams

From buying the latest video game to planning a solo trip, students have quite a long checklist and saving up is the first step towards it. Here are six apps that help students create their monthly budget and save up to fulfil their dreams.


About: Track every penny you spend and create a monthly budget. A financial organiser and tracker that safely synchronises data among multiple devices.


Why we recommend: We love how effortlessly one can add new entries. Apart from the user-friendly interface, the app syncs your data with your Google Drive or Dropbox account.

Available on: iOS, Android


About: This application will help you calculate your balance after every purchase, making you stay in control. From education to start-up, this app is not just a finance expense tracker but also helps with paying off your loans.

Why we recommend: The transactions will automatically appear as the app is linked with your bank account. The app instantly generates your income and expense report with easy-to-understand financial overviews.

Available on: iOS, Android.


About: The app starts working the minute you get your salary. Qapital helps you reach your financial goals without changing your lifestyle. Plan your spendings, savings and investments right at the beginning of the month.

Why we recommend: We love the rules in this app. The Round Up rule is a feature that allows you to add your spare change to your savings and the Spend Less rule allows you to save the difference if you spend less on some of your favourite expenses.

Available on: iOS, Android.


About: From receiving reminders for monthly bills to controlling expenditure with the ‘money spending tracker’, you have it all in one app. It tracks financial transactions across all of your accounts and credit cards. Every transaction is logged in and categorised automatically. Mint tracks your spending habits and develops a budget for you.

Why we recommend: It creates graphs to show you your net worth and cash flow in a visual format. The app is not just password-protected, you can also deactivate your account at any time by logging into their website.

Available on: iOS, Android.

YNAB — Budget, Personal Finance

About: This budgeting tool, which is both detailed and simple to use follows four YNAB rules --- put every dollar to work, put money aside for a rainy day, roll with the punches, and live on the previous month’s revenue. The purpose of the app is to create a hassle-free financial situation.

Why we recommend: It allows the users to keep a track of their transactions and guides them to spending wisely.

Available on: iOS, Android.


About: Save money, budget, invest, and pay off debt. Digit will manage it all for you. The app divides your savings into different pockets. It also withdraws a small amount of money from your bank account and deposits it in a separate Digit account so that you reach your savings goals soon.

Why we recommend: We love how the app analyses the spending and saving patterns along with the income flow. A solution to reach your savings goals quickly and easily.

Available on: iOS, Android.

Last updated on 30 Oct 2021
12:34 PM
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