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Bhawanipur Education Society College, ICSI conducts a 7-day course on corporate sector

Our Correspondent
Our Correspondent
Posted on 15 Sep 2022
19:02 PM
Students attending ‘Commerce Lab’, organised by Dept. of Commerce, The Bhawanipur Education Society College and ICSI

Students attending ‘Commerce Lab’, organised by Dept. of Commerce, The Bhawanipur Education Society College and ICSI Source: The Bhawanipur Education Society College

More than 70 students have benefitted from this extremely educative course which focused on the importance of theoretical knowledge and practical proficiency
The aim of the course was to provide practical insights into the corporate sector under the banner of ‘Commerce Lab’

Theoretical education is important but at the same time, its application in real-life scenarios is of equal significance. To help the students and show them a glimpse of the corporate world, the Department of Commerce of The Bhawanipur Education Society College along with the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) came up with a 7-day course. The major aim of the course was to provide practical insights into the corporate sector under the banner of ‘Commerce Lab’.

This course began on the 10th of August and CS Anil Kumar Dubey, Chairman of the Eastern Regional Council of ICSI graced us with his presence. Prof. Dilip Shah, the Dean of student affairs of the college inaugurated the event. In his address, he emphasized the significance of practical knowledge in today’s world and how enlightening this course would be for the participating students.

Spanning over 8 days, on the first day of the course, 4 practising Company Secretaries were invited to guide the students with their experience. Topics such as protection of the brand, appointment of directors and incorporation of LLP were discussed. CS Raveena Dugar explained the aspects of MCA which included viewing master data, director’s data, index of charges and public documents. CS Chandni Maheswari talked about the incorporation, LLP. CS Rajat Aggarwal delivered a speech on how to create and protect a brand. CS Sneha Khaitan introduced a practical approach to appointing a director in a company. Prof. Minakshi Chaturvedi’s address to the students concluded the day.


On the second day, students were guided in the domain of GST, Six Sigma and the essentials of managing a business. Further, professional etiquette in the workplace and the drafting of agreements were discussed. CS Nikhil Israni presented an introduction to GST- GSTR 3B and GSTR 1. CS Davinder Kaur highlighted the operations and business development of an entity. CS Chitra Thekwani counselled the professional etiquette at the workspace and Advocate Varsha Agarwalla expounded on the drafting of the rent agreement.

On the third day, an informative session relating to Digital Signature and Directors Identification Number was conducted. Apart from this various corporate and cyber crimes were also discussed in retrospect of real-life case studies. CS Alpana Agarwal familiarized us with the drafting of minutes. CS Vivek Mishra highlighted corporate scams and their effects. CS Kanak Sharma talked about DSC and DIN while CS Prateek Kohli threw light on the crucial concept of company administration.

On the fourth day of the seminar, students were guided in terms of career opportunities in the field of CSR. Factors such as the Indian government’s approach towards CSR and the impact of CSR along with the concepts of tax assessment and TDS were thoroughly discussed. CS Rupanjana De discussed the prospects of a career in Corporate Social Responsibility. CS Madhuri Pandey pointed to the Name Availability for Incorporation of Company. CS Sumit Kumar clarified how to handle notices from the IT Dept post-ITR filing. CA Rajan Gupta brought into discussion the practical aspect of TDS Compliance and Management.

On the fifth day, the light was shed on how to execute CSR projects and a very educative discussion on stock marketing functioning took place. CS Pankaj Khanna elaborated on Stock Market case studies. CS Rakhi Dasgupta substantiated the practical execution of CSR Projects under the Company Law. CS Rounak Nahata made clear the drafting of the affidavit. CS Arya Shaw explained the process of resignation or removal of a director.

On the sixth day, section 69 of the Companies Act was simplified and explained to the students. Apart from this, the various types of partnerships and elements of partnership agreements were spoken about. CS Aditi Jhunjhunwala discussed at length the concept of Buy Back of Shares. CS Aditya Purohit gave a practical insight into Corporate Restructuring. Advocate Anita Sarswat elucidated on the Drafting of Partnership Agreement and Agreement to Sale and CS Jayabrata Mukherjee appraised the Drafting of Proper Petition for Speedy Litigation.

The seventh day of the event gave the students a brief insight into annual reports and the significance of the futuristic outlooks of a company. CS Priyanka Tibrewal gave us an overview of Annual Return (MGT7) while CS Sumit Jaiswal delineated the significance and the prospects of the Annual Report. Sikha Maloo spoke on the career opportunities in IBC and CS Khusbu Agarwal took to explain the Drafting of Supplementary LLP Agreement.

The eighth and final day was all about motivating the students to make effective use of their abilities and not give up. Inspirational stories of successful business persons from all over the world were discussed. A mock board meeting was also conducted. CS Namita Jaiswal talked about the importance of Personality Development. CS Rakesh Sharma and CS Aradhna Nathany proposed the provisions and enactment of a Board Meeting. Prof.Dalia Sharma and Prof. Nitin Chaturvedi also participated in the mock board meeting. Vishal Dhona shared the journey of Munimji ERP software. Finally, CS Hansraj Jaria brought MSME into discussion and rendered the student's perception and vision of the same.

The course ‘Commerce Lab’ witnessed more than 35 professionals in a brief span of 8 days. More than 70 students have benefitted from this extremely educative course which focused not just on the importance of theoretical knowledge but also on practical proficiency and its significance in today’s fast-paced thriving world. Every person who has been a part of this effort has duly assisted the students with their expertise and guidance.

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