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7 students from Amity University Mumbai showcase their collections at Rangreza’21

Suha Roy
Suha Roy
Posted on 20 Dec 2021
12:04 PM
(L-R, clockwise) Divya Bejgamwar, Lavanya Murali, Remya E.K, Srishti Lokhande, Snehal Gaikar, Deeplaxmi Naik, and Advait Patil

(L-R, clockwise) Divya Bejgamwar, Lavanya Murali, Remya E.K, Srishti Lokhande, Snehal Gaikar, Deeplaxmi Naik, and Advait Patil

Seven graduates showcased their collections as part of their graduation project
A variety of themes, fabrics, ideas and designs summed up Rangreza’21

Rangreza’21, organised by the Amity School of Fashion Design and Technology of Amity University Mumbai, saw seven 2021 graduates present their collections at a virtual show.

The students, Lavanya Murali, Divya Bejgamwar, Srishti Lokhande, Deeplaxmi Naik, Remya E.K, Snehal Gaikar and Advait Patil, showcased their meticulously crafted ideas, and also described their creations by making short videos. The videos were compiled and uploaded on the university’s official YouTube channel on December 15.


“Due to the pandemic we are not only conducting classes online, but also communicating the same way. We've never been out of touch with the students even for a single day. Wherever a student faced any problem, we helped them out by sending videos. The students managed to prepare an array of designs, following the latest trend forecasts. Challenges such as access to tailoring units and gathering raw material posed problems, but we are glad that students could pull through,” said Bhawana Chanana, director and professor, Amity School of Fashion Design and Technology.

Collection by Lavanya Murali

Collection by Lavanya Murali Source: Amity University

Lavanya presented ‘Shilpasutra’, a spring-summer Indo-western women’s wedding collection that is inspired by ancient Indian architecture such as palaces, monuments, gateways, and temples. “Shilpasutra explores the dimension of designs. That’s the unique element. I used 3D moulding techniques, stamped embroidery and light-weight wooden frames,” said Lavanya.

Collection by Divya Bejgamwar

Collection by Divya Bejgamwar Source: Amity University

Divya’s collection ‘Lung ta’ is an inspiration from The Book of Joy by Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Douglas Carlton Abrams. She learned about Tibetan culture, which helped her come up with this unique theme. “For this collection, I took inspiration from world paintings, religious elements and symbols of Taiwan monastery and the dresses used by monks,'” said Divya. She used embroidery, painting and stitching to prepare the garments.

Collection by Srishti Lokhande

Collection by Srishti Lokhande Source: Amity University

Srishti chose ‘Expression’ as the theme for her graduation project. “I wanted to create something that people could connect to. I used to talk to nature and keep thinking about them rather than talking to people. I believe in a celebratory mood and thus chose bright and bold colours. I learned skills such as fabric-cutting, pattern-making and draping, and I used ruffles and frills as surface ornamentation,” said Srishti.

Collection by Deeplaxmi Naik

Collection by Deeplaxmi Naik Source: Amity University

It took Deeplaxmi a month to create a western party wear collection for women. Titled, ‘Hora da Festa’, her designs are inspired by carnivals. “The mood of my collection is cheerful and fun. Red for excitement and passion, yellow for cheerfulness, aqua for coolness, black for being classy,” said Deeplaxmi. She used satin, sequin, and corduroy to prepare the outfits.

Collection by Snehal Gaikar

Collection by Snehal Gaikar Source: Amity University

Line art design always fascinated Snehal. She explored this art form in her graduation collection, ‘Desinn au trait’. “Initially, I sketched designs that I thought may look good on garments and then started sourcing different types of fabrics — muslin and cotton,” said Snehal, who created six outfits in pastel shades.

Collection by Advait Patil

Collection by Advait Patil Source: Amity University

Advait’s ‘Sakura’ collection for the graduation show celebrates the beautiful trees of Japan. “My collection is inspired by Japan’s cherry blossom trees. I created both male and female garments,” said Advait, who explained every step using videos and illustrations.

Remya E.K created a streetwear collection called ‘Resistanza’. “I used three different textures to create my designs using french knot techniques. I used kaleidoscopic design to make my collection unique,” said Remya.

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