Mysore Tracktrial

19 Sep 2022 9:30 AM

Outer sand


Seventh Star (Rb) in 43s. Moved well.  


Wencheng (Rb) in 44s. Easy.  

Flamboyant (Rb) in 43s. Moved well.  

Surprise Package (Rb) in 44s. Easy.  

Marvel Princess (Afsar Khan) in 40.5s. Moved well.  

Think N Fly (Rb) in 41s. Moved well.  

Ewandor (Rb) in 45s. Easy.  

Wind Power (Afsar Khan) in 39s. Moved well.  

Chashni (M I Asraf) in 38s. Worked well 



Still I Rise (Rb) in 1-0s; (600m) 43.5s. Was handy.  

Astrologer (Rb) in 52s; (600m) 37s. Very fit. 

Indian Patriot (H G Rathore) in 51.5s; (600m) 37.5s. Impressed.



Republic (Afsar Khan) in 1-15s; (800m) 59s; (600m) 42s. Moved well.  


Lucky One (Rb) and

Great Hope (Rb) in 1-9s; (800m) 53s; (600m) 38s. They were level. Both worked very well.


Gemini (L Prashanth) in 1-16s; (800m) 1-0s; (600m) 44.5s. Easy.  

The Prospect (Noorula) in 1-15s; (800m) 56.5s; (600m) 38.5s. Worked well.  

2yrs Eloquent (Afsar Khan) in 1-11.5s; (800m) 55.5s; (600m) 39.5s. Worked well.  

Highland Park (Rb) in 1-15s; (800m) 57s; (600m) 39.5s. Worked well.  

Ceffina (S Manohar) in 1-14s; (800m) 57s; (600m) 41s. Moved well.  

Double Trouble (Rb) in 1-15s; (800m) 58s; (600m) 42s. Was handy.  


Shifting Power - Deserving Visit (Rb) and

Akeed Champion - Lucky Diamond (Rb) in 1-14s; (800m) 58s; (600m) 43.5s. They were level. Both was handy.  



My Opinion (J Paswan) in 1-30s; (1,000m) 1-15s; (800m) 1-0s; (600m) 45s. Was handy.  


Wild Spell (K Sai Kiran) and

Eye The Mind (Janardhan P) in 1-25s; (1,000m) 1-8s; (800m) 52s; (600m) 38s. They were level. Both worked very well.  


Power Port (K Sai Kiran) and

Tracer Bullet (Janafdhan P) in 1-28s; (1,000m) 1-9.5s; (800m) 52.5s; (600m) 38s. The former was 2 ls better. The former is very fit.  


Parker (Rb) in 1-30s; (1,000m) 1-15s; (800m) 1-0s; (600m) 44.5s. Was handy.  

Brunhild (Rb) in 1-19s; (1,000m) 1-4.5s; (800m) 49.5s; (600m) 37s. Note.  


Miss China (Rb) and

Imperius (Janardhan P) in 1-26s; (1,000m) 1-9.5s; (800m) 54s; (600m) 39s. The former was a legth better. The former is fit.


Gate practice


Article Fifteen (Rb),

Pollux (R Shiva Kumar) and

Stockholm (S R Santhosh) in 1-17s; (600m) 38.5s. They were separated by 2 ls and 8 lengths. All jumped out well.  


Iron Clad (Rb) and

Smuggler's Cave - Sizable (H G Rathode) in 1-37s; (600m) 46s. The former was a neck better. Both jumped out well.  


Anushtubha (S Qureshi) and

Shivalik Dhanush (M I Asraf) in 1-20s; (600m) 40s.s. The former was a neck better. Both jumped out well.