Mysore Tracktrial

11 Sep 2020 12:06 AM

Outer sand


Vachan (Rb) in 42.5s. Worked well.
Haloween's Way (Rb) in 46s. Moved easy. 
Gintoki (Rb) in 46s. Fit. 
Devotion (Rb) in 46.5s. Wokred well. 


Flamboyant (Rb) in and
Crimson Fire (Rb) in 46s. They were level. Both were easy. 

Script Writer (Rb) in 46s. Worked well. 
Intense Command (Rb) in 46s. Fit. 

Tremendous (Rb) and 
Valentino Rosso (Rb) in 46s. They were level. Both were easy. 


Optimistcapproach (Rb) in 1-9s;  (800m) 54s; (600m) 40.5s. Very fit.
March To Victory (Rb) in 1-13.5s; (800m) 57s; (600m) 42s. Worked well.


Doughterofthesun (Rb) in 1-23s; (1000m) 1-8.5s; (800m) 54.5s; (600m) 39.5s. Pleased.
Trevelyan (Rb) in 1-24.5s; (1000m) 1-10s; (800m) 55s; (600m) 40.5s. Very fit.
Akimbo (Rb) in 1-33s; (1000m) 1-17s;, (800m) 1.5s; (600m) 45s. Worked easy.
Highland Park (Rb) in 1-33s; (1000m) 1-17s; (800m) 1-1s; (600m) 45s. Easy.
Murcilago (Rb) in 1-32.5s;  (1000m) 1-15s; (800m) 59s; (600m) 43s. Fit.
Chilly Breeze (Rb) in 1-23.5s; (1000m) 1-9s; (800m) 54.5s; (600m) 41s. Pleased.
Sadeek (Rb) in 1-22s; (1000m) 1-7.5s; (800m) 52s; (600m) 39s. Looking very fit.