Mysore Tracktrial

11 Jan 2021 9:16 AM

Outer sand



Tarek (Rb) 43s. Worked well. 

Vintage (S Hussain) 45s. Moved well. 


Highland Park (Rb)

Chilly Breeze (Rb) 39s. The former was 2 ls better. 


Crescendo (Rb)

Ceffina (Rb) 39s. The former was a length better.


Stand Out (S Hussain ) 1-10s; 800 54.5s;  600 39.5s. Impressed. 

March To Victory (Rb ) 1-8s; 800 53s; 600 40s. Worked very well. 

Good Opinion (T Ahmed) 1-15s; 800 59s; 600 44.5s. Worked well. 


Kayseri (Rb)

Pikachu (Rb) 1-13s; 800 57s; 600 40.5s. They were level. Both were easy. 

Mari Gold (R Ajay Kumar) 1-13s; 800 55.5s; 600 41s. Moved easy. 


Wood Cutter (Rb) 1-31s; 1000 1-15s; 800 1-0;s 600 45s. Fit. 


Flash Bond (Rb)

Flamboyant (Rb) 1-46s; 1200 1-26s; 1000 1-14s;  800 59s; 600 45s. They were level. Both moved well. 


Vachan (R Ajay Kumar) 2-31s; 1800 2-12s; 1600 1-54s; 1400 1-36s; 1200 1-21s;  1000 1-6s; 800 52s; 600 39s. Moved well. 


Gate practice


Gdansk (G Raj Urs),

Ewandor (T Ahmed),

Speed Queen (J Paswan),

Lovely Thoughts (Sharvan Kumar) and

Clover Cruz (S Manohar) 1-16s; from 1200 to 600  38s. They were separated by 3/4 l, 3/4 l, 5 ls and 3 lengths. the second named was slow at start.


D Warrior (Rb),

Contributor (Rb),

She Is A Beauty (S Hussain),

Chashni (Rb),

Mandy (Rb) and

His Eminence (Rb) 1-14sl from 1200 to 600 38s. They were separated by a distance, 1 l, distance and 3 lengths. The last named reared up and was slow at start.


D Hunter (M Kumar),

Demius (Shiva Kumar),

Dagobert (Anil Baandal),

Frosted (L Prshanth) and

Rustic Sunrise (Nazar Alam) 1-15s; from 1200 to 600 39s. They were separated by 4 ls, Nk, 1/2 l and Neck. 


Safe Bet (J Paswan),

Classic Jewel (R.B),

Wellcare (H M Akshay),

Vijaya Sarathi (S Qureshi),

Ash Winder (Ramandeep S Bal) and

Speaking Of Which-Tammy 'O' (G Rohit) 1-16s; from  1200 to 600 38s. They were separated by 1/2 l, 3 ls, 3/4 l, 3 ls and a length. 


Jameson (S Hussain)

Lucky Luciano (H M Akshay),

Grand Chevalier (R.B),

It's Honey (Sharvan Kumar) and

Sound Of Canon's (Rb) 1-20ss; from 1200 to 600 41s.  They were separated by 1-1/2 ls, 1 l, 6 ls and 5 lengths.


D Smile (Anil Baandal),

Brave Admiral (T Ahmed) and

Naval Wrestler (L Prsahtnh) 1-18s from 1200 to 600 40s. They were separated by 1 l and 3 lengths.