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Technology isolates people and makes them lonely

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Posted on 20 Feb 2024
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Reduces social interaction

Technological connections has reduced physical interactions with friends and families. People tend to depend on social media rather than real-life interactions. This has diminished social skills and intensifies the stress of attending social gatherings.


Debarpita Mandi
Class IX, DAV Public School, Midnapore

FB envy

The curated nature of social media can contribute to a sense of social comparison and loneliness. People may perceive others’ online lives as more glamorous or fulfilling than their own, leading to feelings of inadequacy or isolation. Additionally, the prevalence of online interactions might lead to a reduction in genuine, in-person conversations, which are crucial for emotional well-being.

Aadrita Saha
Class XII, St. Augustine’s Day School, Barrackpore

Check usage

If your work is being done with the tech, take all the time you need but if your social life is being hampered by mindless scrolling, ponder upon your usage. Tech is driving people away from human society, one day we might have a society of only robotic humans, robotic in the sense of their joint nature with tech.

Ali Affan
Class IX, DPS Patna, Bihar

Divides people

Technology is a necessary thing but people harm themselves unknowingly by overusing it. When there wasn’t so much technology around, people spent time together, such as watching TV as a family. With the arrival of devices such as smartphones, people started spending time with them instead of humans, each watching the content of their choice. That will eventually push people towards loneliness and mental illness.

Sutanu Goswami
Class X, Guskara P. P. Institution, Purba Bardhaman


Makes contact easier

It is not technology but we human beings who are responsible for our isolation.We misuse technology and choose to be lonely. Technology connects people from all over the world, it keeps us updated about our family and friends abroad. We can hear their voice, see them over a video call. It makes contact easier. Technology brings people together. It creates a community for similar minded people.

Moubani Paul
First year, Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College, Howrah

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