IIT Delhi tech arm and a US agency to conduct joint research in Cobotics, AI and ML

Our Correspondent
Our Correspondent
Posted on 15 Mar 2022
18:31 PM
IIT Delhi and NFS USA will be partnering to research Collaborative Robotics (Cobotics).

IIT Delhi and NFS USA will be partnering to research Collaborative Robotics (Cobotics). Source: Shutterstock

I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics has collaborated with the National Science Foundation, USA
Additional funding of Rs 50,00,000 for the project

The I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC) under the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi’s Technology Innovation Hub (TIH) has collaborated with the National Science Foundation (NSF), USA, for research on Collaborative Robotics (Cobotics) and associated technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The partnership was enabled by the Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India. The DST funds IHFC under its National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS). The Indian Embassy based in Washington also pushed for the partnership with the government entity.

NSF identified IHFC as one of the most compatible organisations for the collaboration. Both IIT Delhi and NSF will be bringing strong expertise in engineering. Both organisations have qualified researchers dedicatedly working with Cobotics, Robotics, AI and ML.


“I-Hub Foundation for Cobotics (IHFC), the TIH of IIT Delhi, as per the latest development will provide an additional Rs 50,00,000 towards the funding of the Cobotics projects for research and development,” said S.K. Saha, professor at IIT Delhi and project director at IHFC.

“The IHFC will fund researchers working in the area of Medical Simulations, Drone Technology & Applications, Healthcare Robotics, Rehabilitation Robotics, Human-Robot Interactions, Intelligent Sensing & Secured Communications and Industry 4.0 & beyond,” he said.

The NSF released a Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) sharing the details of the additional funding for the research. IHFC also shared a Dear Cobotics Research Colleague Letter (DCRCL) that discloses the details of the funding for their projects. The details of the projects and funding can be found on IHFC’s website.

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18:37 PM
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