World Youth Skill Day 2022

World Youth Skill Day 2022: Meet The Judges Of Edugraph’s Skillfest

Our Correspondent
Our Correspondent
Posted on 19 Jul 2022
18:05 PM
The Telegraph Online Edugraph organised Skillfest 2022  on 15 July 2022

The Telegraph Online Edugraph organised Skillfest 2022 on 15 July 2022 Shutterstock

The Telegraph Online Edugraph organised Skillfest 2022 to empower young students and provide them with a platform to display their skills
Judges from several schools in Kolkata have judged the different categories of the contest

15 July is celebrated as World Youth Skill Day by the United Nations (UN). To celebrate World Youth Skills Day, The Telegraph Online Edugraph organised Skillfest 2022 to empower young students and provide them with a platform to display their skills. The contest was open to students in classes VIII-XII. Entries were received and judged in 5 different categories: Scientific Thinking, Content Creation, Photography, Digital Art and Entrepreneurship.

Let’s take a look at what the judges have to say about their experiences and the quality of entries for the particular categories they received for Edugraph’s Skillfest 2022.

Ms Nabamita Das, Mahadevi Birla World Academy (Content Creation)


I was looking for write-ups that would caress the strings of my heart more than the brain. Students from different schools have written so much about prevalent praxis and inhibitions, but there were some who wrote about their experiences in such a superlative manner that my heart approved of them! Creative content is above the scope of the judgement, therefore, I extend my heartiest compliments to all the writers. Buona Fortuna!

Ms Aditi Chakraborty, St. Jude’s High School (Content Creation)

It was a great pleasure to go deep into the young minds and hearts. They think anew with their creative involvement. They can weave more. I shall wait for more for going through these sorts of journeys where I can read young hearts and minds.

Ms Nilanjana Nag, Modern High School for Girls (Content Creation)

It was extremely heartening to go through their Content Creation entries as it gave me a rare scope to appreciate the world from their perspective and it was an eye opener of sorts…The linguistic precision, the myriad creative perspectives with a generous sprinkling of humour made for some very interesting reads. Being a part of such a multi-faceted event was definitely a learning experience for me and it gave me immense pleasure to be a part of it.

Ms Vandana Paul, La Maternelle High School (Content Creation)

It was a marvellous experience for me to read the thoughts of the students in the content creation competition. It is indeed a wonderful opportunity for students to express their views and expressions on this digital platform…Such competitions can enhance their skills and will help them in their growth…I want to thank the Telegraph Online Edugraph for making me a Judge for this prestigious event.

Ms Kakoli Kar, Calcutta Public School, Kalikapur (Digital Art)

It was an amazing experience to see how digital technology has extended the reach of creative possibilities. I was honoured and privileged to receive this opportunity to judge the talented students and the budding stars who have created and manipulated images and information…Overall it was an amazing experience for me and look forward to such opportunities in the years to come.

Mr Hansel Joy Able, Calcutta Boys' School (Digital Art)

I am filled with gratitude to be a part of the panel of judges for Digital Art… The students have used the technology very well. It was very interesting and a bit difficult to judge the same. I tried my best to do justice to all the students. The quality of the entries was very good and the way the students have shown the use of technology in daily life in 2050 was beyond anyone's imagination…The way of designing the art and the concept of students was very impressive and appreciative… I look forward to being a part of such contests in future.

Mr Sudipta Majumdar, Delhi Public School Ruby Park (Digital Art)

Nice contest. A lot of schools have participated and sent very nice work. The experience of judging the contest has been very nice. Regarding the qualities of entries, I’d have a difficult time judging because all the entries were up to the mark and extremely nice.

Mr Satya Narayan Dutta, Birla High School (Digital Art)

It was a great journey to go through these students’ creations. The concept and thought were so innovative, that it was really hard to make a decision from my comprehension. But among them, some have to take the positions. But for me, all of you are winners. You guys have done great work as the “ creators of the future”.

Mr Ankan Goswami, St. Augustine Day School Barrackpore (Entrepreneurship)

That was a great feeling for me to judge the students of different schools in our area. Students have inculcated a great deal of knowledge in the field of Entrepreneurship. There were many outstanding entries and it was very difficult to judge the best ones… Overall it was a nice experience gathering knowledge on Entrepreneurship.

Ms Mahua Mukherjee, Sri Sri Academy (Entrepreneurship)

It is a great initiative taken by Edugraph to trigger the creativity of the students, to explore and nurture the entrepreneurship skill that lies within them, at such an early age. It was indeed a pleasure for me to come across such wonderful, creative business ideas and I was literally amazed by the fact that students from secondary and senior secondary classes could come up with such novel solutions to the existing problems that prevail in the environment

Ms Manali Bose, The BSS School (Entrepreneurship)

It was really a wonderful experience going through such innovative presentations. Judging some of them was really tough. Students have shown such versatility in problem identification, research skill, innovative solutions and marketing plans. Really impressed.

Ms Sushmita Majumdar, South City International (Entrepreneurship)

It was a pleasure to be one of the judges in Skillfest 2022. I was overwhelmed to evaluate the projects of different schools. Not only did I judge it, but I also came to know some new ideas through the projects. I am honoured to be one of the jury members. Thank you for choosing me.

The Telegraph Online Edugraph organised Skillfest 2022 has been a vehicle for the exposition of the innate interests and talents that may often remain hidden in the youth of today. The feedback from the judges is testimony to the quality of talent the young stars have to display - and we hope this can be a starting point for these students, where they take this validation and further nurture their skills for the future.

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