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The importance of learning grammar and creative writing for students

Ritu Rahul Rathod
Ritu Rahul Rathod
Posted on 28 Dec 2022
15:04 PM

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Learning proper grammar is important because it is the basis of the language that makes it possible for us to speak effectively
Developing structures within creative writing helps students build their thoughts into a logical process, as well as their emotions

Importance of English Grammar

English grammar is one of the most important aspects when you study the language. But it can also be one of the most difficult and complex parts. Here, I will discuss why English grammar matters in different situations—from informal conversations to professional communications. It will help you study grammar more efficiently by focusing on the concepts that are most important to you—along with some key English grammar rules that you should not ignore. Knowing correct grammar is the key to speaking English confidently. It will help you avoid making errors and save you from embarrassments.

Power of Grammar


Learning proper grammar is important because it is the basis of the language that makes it possible for us to speak effectively. Grammar teaches you words and word groups that make up sentences not only in English, but also in all other languages. We, humans, learn to string sentences together even as children, but the details that talk about how sentences are built, the types of words and word groups that make up sentences—is known as grammar. This knowledge of grammar opens a window into the human mind and into our amazingly complex mental capacity of knowing and learning a specific language. We always connect grammar with errors and correctness. But remember that knowing grammar helps us understand what makes sentences and paragraphs clear and interesting and enjoyable and crisp.

Grammar in Daily Life

There are situations where English grammar is especially important. For instance, if you are applying for a job interview in an English-speaking country, the employer would be interested in the quality of your spoken and written English. In a recent study of UK job recruiters, 50% said spelling and grammar errors were the biggest reasons they rejected an application.

Grammar is also essential for your social life. When you are meeting new people or visiting new places, the last thing you want is to be misunderstood! To avoid confusing your friends, or arriving at the wrong destination, or even ordering more drinks than you intend, you need to have a firm grip on how you structure your words.

Source: Ritu Rahul Rathod

Importance of Creative Writing

Developing structures within creative writing helps students build their thoughts into a logical process, as well as their emotions. They will be able to look at situations in the workplace and the rest of their lives with clarity, being able to define clear pathways in order to overcome problems in the future.Creative writing will also help them improve their intellectual skills. Their sentence structure, vocabulary and use of punctuations will be notably more advanced than others of the same age who do not practice creative writing. In a world where text speaks and emojis are common, creative writing helps develop writing skills that are being forgotten. If a child cannot communicate effectively, the problem may become worse as they grow older. Sharing ideas with others allows a child to develop their storyline and collaborate with others. Encouraging creative writing can help a child communicate efficiently in a world of technology.

Creative writing helps improve grades in different subjects. This is because imaginative writing helps improve thinking skills and also helps students learn more about themselves as writers. If you are looking for ways to boost your child’s grades, the best thing you can do is to encourage them to write creatively. Here, I will talk about how creative writing improves grades and tips on how parents can get their child started with their own creativity! Creative work helps improve your child’s study habits, because they are more likely to pay attention in class when they are already thinking about their creative projects at home.

Confidence in Studies

Creative writing helps kids feel more confident in their own abilities. It gives them the opportunity to explore different worlds and ideas without fear of being judged, which can be difficult when it comes to schoolwork. This kind of writing teaches children to express themselves creatively through the words they use.

Communication Skills

Creative writing also teaches students to communicate their ideas in a clear and concise way. This is important for any educational setting, but it is especially true for attaining higher grades, where verbal communication skills are important.

Greater Memory Power

Publishing creative work teaches children about collaboration. It prepares them to work in group projects later in life or starting their own businesses, too. It strengthens memory skills and increases intelligence. Students will be more focused in class because they will think about what happens next for the characters they have created.

It allows students an opportunity to experiment with different types of words, formats, and sentence structures. It broadens their horizon by exposing them to a creative world beyond just reading story books. Children enjoy creative writing enormously! It teaches kids to be more imaginative and explore their thoughts with art. It is also a good way to get to know and bond with unknown people.

About the author: Ritu Rahul Rathod, founder of Moonlight Musings, is an ambitious English and creative writing mentor. Ritu has been mentoring students in the English language for the past 35 years in Mumbai, New York and across the world and has earned all-round respect and credit. Till date, she has coached nearly 10,000 students who are now proud and successful citizens of the world. She encourages independent inquiry and nurtures an open mind to help children develop a lifelong interest in the language and literature and learn to appreciate formal stylistic and aesthetic qualities of text. At present, she works with school and university students, young professionals and housewives to train them in social and communication skills and holds workshops pan-India.

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