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National Technology Day 2023: Meet Gautam Aravindan, a 2nd year student Paving the Way for Robotics

Nancy Jaiswal
Nancy Jaiswal
Posted on 11 May 2023
08:45 AM

Source: Gautam Aravindan

The 11th of May is celebrated as National Technology Day in India every year
On this day, as our little initiative, The Telegraph Online Edugraph brings you the story of Gautam ,a second-year PU student at CMR National Pre-University College

The 11th of May is celebrated as National Technology Day in India every year, which honours the technological accomplishments of our nation's tech titans, researchers, and engineers. This day was first commemorated in 1999 by Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Indian prime minister, to honour the Pokhran nuclear test.

India has in the last few decades experienced rapid expansion as a result of technical breakthroughs. The ideal time to recognise the contribution of engineers and scientists as drivers of this growth is now - and what better day to do that than on National Technology Day.

On this day, as our little initiative, The Telegraph Online Edugraph brings you the story of Gautam ,a second-year PU student at CMR National Pre-University College. Recently, he presented his projects in electronics, robotics, and single-board computers at CMR National PU College. The session covered basic sensors and actuators, delved into the world of robotics using a robotic arm controlled using a Raspberry Pi and a remote control, and discussed the exciting potential of single-board computers. Gautam conducted the session to spread awareness among his peers regarding the amazing potential of the world of robots and computing and that there are no age constraints to building robots.


Gautam and his love for electronics and technology started when he saw a robot on TV and was fascinated by its functionalities. ​​From that point on, his interest in electronics and computing grew rapidly, inspiring him to investigate other robotics projects and ultimately to pursue the sector as a career when he was older. Gautam made use of the time he was spending indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic by studying the foundations needed to construct projects involving electronics, robotics, and single-board computers.

“In my childhood, I had seen a robot on TV and asked my dad if they were real. I was fascinated by its functionalities and wanted to learn more about robots. As I grew older, this passion and interest grew within me, propelling me to explore distinct ventures of electronics and computing, ultimately becoming a field I wish to pursue when I grow older,” added Gautam.

Gautam faced several obstacles on his journey, which tested his perseverance and will to accomplish his goal. In fact, during the pandemic, he resorted to disassembling his old gadgets and using them for his projects when he couldn't acquire the necessary materials. Looking back now, Gautam feels that his consistent commitment to his initiatives in spite of the challenges he faced, served to hone his problem-solving skills.

“A particular social impact or social concern that I wish to address using robotics and electronics is the growing necessity for elderly care. The lack of care providers for the elderly has led to a lot of issues in the life of the ageing population, such as loneliness, health issues, and many others. Lack of employers and employees in the elderly-care sector is a rising concern I wish to address this by building a robotic companion for the elderly based on their respective needs,” stated Gautam.

According to Gautam, there are several real-world challenges that might be tackled using the advancements in robotics, as opportunities for study.

“Coming from a joint family, I see my grand-parents having difficulties in doing their tasks. They end up relying on someone else since they are not able to do it, and feel they're being dependent on others, which ultimately affects them mentally. Due to the occurrence of this incident at my home and having seen it happen in other places as well, this concern raised a flag of curiosity within me to come up with a solution for this. This inspired me to solve elderly care issues using technology,” added Gautam.

The commitment Gautam Aravindan has towards electronics, robotics, and single-board computers is remarkable, and his work serves as an example to many. His enthusiasm for these areas has inspired him to work on a number of noteworthy initiatives and given him a wider view of how these technologies are used in society. His efforts to use technology to address real-world issues are demonstrated by his work on creating a robotic companion for the elderly. The Telegraph Online Edugraph hopes that Gautam's progress in this area will cross all marks of victory and we eagerly anticipate as to what he'll achieve next.

Last updated on 11 May 2023
11:27 AM
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