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10 LinkedIn certifications to learn job-ready skills

Aparajita Sarkar
Aparajita Sarkar
Posted on 20 Mar 2022
15:33 PM
LinkedIn courses can give you a full overview of the skills necessary to survive in the job market.

LinkedIn courses can give you a full overview of the skills necessary to survive in the job market. Shutterstock

LinkedIn courses are designed to cover diverse topics like technical know-how, personal branding and project management
Apart from SQL, Python and Excel courses, LinkedIn offers a course to explain in detail the fundamentals of cybersecurity

Flexibility has become the buzzword in the job market, with traditional desk jobs gradually making way for work-from-home responsibilities. This trend has spilled over in professional certification courses as upskilling is now mostly being done through online courses. Against this background, LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking service, is offering certification courses for beginners, young professionals and pros. Doing these courses will not only add value to your profile but also enable you to build a portfolio of job-ready skills.

What are LinkedIn Learning courses


From soft skills to technical know-how, LinkedIn courses can give you a full overview of the skills necessary to survive in a fast-changing job market. You can access these courses from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You can also download course materials for later offline study. LinkedIn Learning provides a one-month trial period, allowing you to test the platform and see if it works for you without making any official financial commitments.

Top 10 LinkedIn courses for upskilling:

SQL Essential Training

With tech advocate and programming expert Bill Weinman, you will gain valuable working knowledge of SQL, the most common language for database wrangling, in this course. Here you can also learn how to create tables; define relationships; manipulate strings, numbers and dates; use triggers to automate actions, and use subselects and views. The course also contains a real-world example of creating a simple application with SQL.

Python Essential Training

Python has become the scripting language of choice for many large organisations, including Google, Yahoo and IBM, due to its power and simplicity. This course offers a solid understanding of Python 3 to help you write more efficient and effective scripts. Instructor Bill Weinman demonstrates how to use Python 3 to create well-designed scripts and maintain existing projects in this course.

Online Marketing Foundations

This course teaches how to effectively promote your business online and create a targeted online marketing strategy that engages potential customers across the digital landscape. Brad Batesole, a marketing expert, explains here how to evaluate a website and identify conversion goals, interpret website analytics, and get the most out of SEO. You will learn in this course the best practices for creating and distributing video content. It also covers mobile marketing and influencer marketing.

Learning Personal Branding

This course teaches how someone’s personal brand eventually becomes their most powerful asset. It explains how you can promote yourself in a consistent manner and keep looking for opportunities to monetise your brand. Here you will learn how to create a story, craft messaging and identify your target audience. You will also find out here the ways to ensure your brand's online and offline presence, including creating a calendar to help you stay on top of social media and keep your content fresh.

Excel Essential Training (Office 365/Microsoft 365)

Excel is an organisational lynchpin for managing, calculating and analysing data in businesses and industries all over the world. Dennis Taylor, an Excel expert, will help you accelerate your learning curve as you tackle powerful functions and features like PivotTables and chart building in this course. Here you will also learn how to navigate multiple worksheets and formatting shortcuts to save time.

Become a Project Manager

It's no secret that project management is critical to the success of many firms. This course will guide you to realise your dream of being a project manager. It teaches a set of project management practices that anyone may use to attain their objectives and improve the success of their initiatives. Experts explain the principles of project management in this course, right from setting project goals and objectives to developing a project plan, managing resources, meeting deadlines and closing the project.

Become a Business Analyst

This course will teach you how to sharpen your critical thinking skills and make better judgments. Here you learn the way to evaluate data and eliminate errors before structuring and extracting information from it. With this list of possibilities, you'll be well on your way to making sound business decisions and growing your company. Perfect for entrepreneurship, this course will also provide you with basic knowledge and techniques.

Learning Data Visualisation

This course is part of LinkedIn Learning's “Become a Data Visualization Specialist: Concepts”, a nine-course learning path series. With outstanding graphics, data visualisation allows you to make the complex simple, the abstract realm and the unseen (data) visible. In this course, Bill Shander demonstrates how to comprehend your facts and audience, develop a story, and choose the finest visual model and details for that tale.

Learning Cloud Computing: Core Concepts

In this course, you will get a detailed outline of cloud computing. David Linthicum explains here what cloud computing is and how it can improve your cost efficiency, agility and other aspects of your business. Here you will learn how to choose a cloud provider and prepare for a move. After covering the security concerns, day-to-day operations and tools that IT administrators need to keep a cloud-based infrastructure up and running, the course describes multi-cloud operations as well as advanced cloud operations methodologies and technologies, before concluding with a comprehensive look at cloud governance.

Cybersecurity Foundations

This course provides the fundamentals of cybersecurity to lay a solid foundation for your network, users and data. Malcolm Shore, a security specialist, explains here how to identify and reduce risks utilising a variety of cybersecurity frameworks and control standards. The course will teach you how to manage cyber risk, select and implement controls. Here you will learn the overall cybersecurity lifecycle, right from managing defence to responding to cybersecurity incidents when they occur.

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