Uniforms should be made mandatory in colleges: Variety of opinions given by students

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The Telegraph
Posted on 30 Apr 2024
07:32 AM



Sense of belonging

Uniforms provide a sense of belonging. They break the barriers of financial status and inculcate a feeling of oneness.


Harsh Nathani
Third year, The Bhowanipur Education Society College, Calcutta

Avoid bullying

Uniforms make everyone look alike, avoiding any chance of bullying or discrimination because someone has not worn branded clothes. This type of bullying is becoming very common.

Aarush Ghosh
Class VIII, St. Joan’s School, Calcutta

Reduces distractions

Uniforms can facilitate a focused learning environment by reducing distractions related to clothing choices. Additionally, uniforms help develop professionalism and discipline early on, preparing students for workplace settings.

Puja Banerjee
Fifth year, Adamas University, Barasat

Divides people

A college is an educational institution, not a ramp to strut your latest purchases. But nowadays, most college students spend much more time on choosing their outfit for the day than on preparing for their classes.

Ahona Sanyal
Class X, Sarat Kumari Girls’ High School, Santipur


Break monotony

Spending 14 years in the confines of a school makes uniforms a habit. The college years come with a zillion challenges and the weight on our shoulders keeps increasing. Changing one of our regular habits, such as that of wearing a uniform, can help us break free of the monotony.

Adrija Mondal
Class XII, Kalyani Central Model School, Kalyani

Dress sense

College students should be given the freedom to wear whatever clothes they wish. It is in college that students mature and become adults, with all the attendant learnings on discipline, punctuality and so on. Learning to dress is another crucial skill you need to pick up while in college. If a uniform is made mandatory, this skill cannot be practised.

Arkajit Debnath
Class VII, Krishnagar Academy, Krishnanagar

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