Technology creates more jobs than it eliminates: Debate on concrete future by tech

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Posted on 16 Apr 2024
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Allied opportunities

When new technologies are adopted, they usually create new employment opportunities in software development, hardware manufacturing, telecommunications and IT services. Popular technology like social media and gaming creates jobs in marketing, content creation and platform development. Technology also fosters innovation and entrepreneurship, which leads to the creation of many small businesses and start-ups and therefore, job opportunities.


Tenzing Kelsang
First year, Hindu College, Delhi

Saves time

Technology will replace boring, unwanted jobs with more versatile, productive, useful and enjoyable jobs. It will make us more productive and efficient and give us more time for personal use.

Baibhab Paul
Class X, St. Xavier’s School, Alipurduar

Need humans

Technology has created more designations in workplaces and generated jobs in freelancing and businesses. Talking of elimination, few companies have been able to afford AI or other alternatives to human labour. Even to develop AI services or robots, we need humans. Therefore, I think technology has created more jobs than it has eliminated.

Ahana Ghosh
Class X, Auxilium Convent School, Bandel

Saves time

New technologies enable corporations to expand operations, create products and services, and open up job opportunities. Additionally, when labour-saving technologies are introduced, they tend to create a demand for highly specialised workers.

Sania Ahmed Jillani
Second year, BCom, JDBI College, Calcutta


Curtails jobs

While technology is now ruling every workplace, it cannot realistically ensure additional jobs in every field as there are also areas where it is curtailing job opportunities.

Ahona Sanyal
Class X, Sarat Kumari Girls’ High School, Shantipur

False hype

India’s obsession with the software industry does not generate more jobs. Computers and AI do half of the jobs that were supposed to be performed by humans. So, technology does not create more jobs than it eliminates.

Adrija Mondal
Class XI, Kalyani Central Model School, Kalyani

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