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West Bengal government approves COVID-19 safety guidelines for reopening of schools

Our Correspondent
Our Correspondent
Posted on 29 Oct 2021
14:58 PM
Students, teachers and non-teaching staff must wear masks during schools hours.

Students, teachers and non-teaching staff must wear masks during schools hours. Shutterstock

Schools will clean and sanitise campuses under supervision of municipality or panchayat
Strict physical distancing will be maintained, no group activities will be allowed

Mandatory wearing of masks, no group activities and strict physical distancing — these are some of the directives mentioned in the West Bengal education’s department’s COVID-19 guidelines for schools approved by the state government ahead of schools reopening.

The guidelines drawn up the education department include detailed instructions on COVID-safety measures to be implemented by schools when they reopen after November 15.

School campuses will have to be thoroughly cleaned ahead of reopening. Municipalities and panchayats will oversee the sanitisation process. Every classroom, teachers’ room, corridor, toilet, drinking water space, ramp and handrail, resource room and staircase will be sanitised. Water tanks will be cleaned before the reopening of schools.


"COVID-19 norms should be maintained in gateways, common spaces, corridors, drinking water spaces etc. so as to prevent crowding of students. Modified practices and COVID-19 specific signage shall be posted in prominent places to make everybody (including students with special needs) informed,” the guidelines said.

“Before opening of schools IEC materials, posters, banners and wall paintings on spreading awareness on COVID protocol must be placed. Sign boards / posters with pictures / signage for frequent hand-washing, face-masks and maintaining safe distance will be placed at strategic places in schools. There should be continuous instruction from the teachers to remind the students about the COVID protocols,” it added.

Schools have been asked to arrange a separate isolation room, properly sanitised and equipped with a bed for anyone suddenly falling ill during school hours.

Here are some of the COVID-safety guidelines for schools:

Pre-class hour:

  • Gathering should be avoided at the time of entry and exit and social distancing should be followed strictly.
  • No visitors or guardians will be allowed inside.
  • Students should be encouraged to wash hands frequently.
  • There will be no assembly for prayers. Prayers shall be said in respective classes accompanied by the class teachers.
  • Students shall be advised to maintain social distance from each other and from all in the school premises. They shall also be advised not to spit here and there and not to touch others’ books, copies, bags, tiffin etc. Sharing of tiffin and drinking water shall be strictly disallowed.
  • At the beginning of each day, there shall be 10-minute awareness on COVID-19 protocol and the science behind it.

Health and hygiene:

  • All students must mandatorily wear masks and carry their own drinking water bottles.
  • Temperature of students should be checked before they enter the class. Any student with fever or cold should be sent for necessary medical follow-up until complete recovery.
  • In case anyone shows any COVID-like symptoms, it must be reported to the medical officers concerned for follow-up.
  • All teachers, non-teaching staff, must wear masks.
  • Schools may consider appoint health and hygiene monitors from among the students on rotational basis so as to ensure that the prescribed norms of hygiene and social distancing are followed.

Sports and cultural events:

  • Group activities like sports and cultural events will be discontinued for the time being.
  • Interactive and playful sessions like slogan-writing on COVID protocol and quiz may be encouraged inside the classrooms.
  • Students may be asked to draw, write slogans on issues like COVID protocol. They may be encouraged to inform their guardians and relatives on the matter.

To read the complete guidelines, click here.

Last updated on 29 Oct 2021
14:58 PM
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