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Thrilled to go back to school, missed friends, teachers and campus: Students

Jaismita Alexander
Jaismita Alexander
Posted on 03 Feb 2022
17:35 PM
(Clockwise from top left) Teresa Pongen, Srijita Dutta, Tunir Dasgupta, Supratik Mitra and Rajanya Chakraborty.

(Clockwise from top left) Teresa Pongen, Srijita Dutta, Tunir Dasgupta, Supratik Mitra and Rajanya Chakraborty. Source: Students

Class VIII students excited to join school after two long years
Students look forward to increased interest in studies with offline classes, feel more motivated

Schools and colleges in West Bengal reopened their gates to welcome students back to campus on February 3, after a month-long pause in offline studies owing to the third wave of COVID-19. A slew of safety measures have been put in place for a smooth transition to offline mode.

Edugraph caught up with a few school students on reopening day to share their excitement.


Rajanya Chakraborty, Class VIII, The BSS School

I will be going back to school after two depressing years. My introverted self really appreciated online classes but, eventually, I started missing school. I am eager to go back and meet everyone, while following all COVID protocol. We have to go to school every day. This new arrangement works well for me. And I like the fact that an ailing student can opt for online classes till recovery. That way, no one misses out on classes.

The date and mode of our exams is still a mystery to us. After getting accustomed to online exams, I am a little anxious about offline exams.

Tunir Dasgupta, Class VIII, Delhi Public School, Ruby Park

I am excited and happy to be going back to school because I will get to meet and interact with my friends – in person – after two long years. The last time I was there was in February 2020. I will have to go to school twice a week, according to the hybrid model class schedule given to us. Classes will be held offline as well as online. The school hasn’t yet specified whether exams will be held online or offline, but I am not too worried about that.

Srijita Dutta, Class VIII, Hooghly Girls’ High School

The last time I attended proper school was when I was in Class VI. I remember having a lot of fun during break time with my friends. We used to share tiffin and gossip. I missed everything all this while. I even missed interacting with my teachers. I am a bit of an introvert in general, but I dearly missed going to school. I know I have missed out on a lot of my school life, but I am hoping to make up for it this time. Hopefully, we will not be facing any crisis like this again.

Supratik Mitra, Class IX, Lions Calcutta (Greater) Vidya Mandir

Online classes are boring. Studying in a classroom sitting next to my friends is a different experience altogether. It will help me focus more on my studies. Our school will reopen after Saraswati Puja on February 7. We have to go to school daily, but only for four hours. Since we are in Class IX, we will have offline exams from March 1. This does make me a little anxious. But online classes ruined our studies so we have to fix that now. Besides, COVID-19 has not gone for good – we have to wear masks, apply sanitisers and take our vaccine shots on time.

Teresa Pongen, Class X, Pratt Memorial School

I am so thrilled to go back to school. I have missed attending offline classes, and of course, interacting with my schoolmates. I have missed making memories in the canteen during break, and enjoying the extra-curricular activities in school. I am glad we are finally going back. We have been asked to join offline classes from February 7. As of now, it’s going to be in hybrid mode and we will be notified about the days when we need to go to school. The last time we had all gone to school was during the Semester 1 ICSE exams, which was in December.

We will be having our Semester 2 ICSE examinations in the offline mode. We aren’t sure about the dates, but it will probably be in March. There is some anxiety as I will be taking my board exams offline for the first time. But, the offline exams will not be as terrifying as the Semester 1 exams, I am sure.

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