‘There is no alternative to hard work', says Kolkata boy who scored 100 percentile in JEE

Aditi Gupta
Aditi Gupta
Posted on 08 Feb 2023
18:36 PM
Soham Das

Soham Das Source: Edugraph

In order to prepare for the exams he has kept himself cut off from social media and does not have a phone with him
Soham Das owes his success and his desire to pursue engineering to his parents as they advised him to take up science

Soham Das, a DPS Ruby Park student has scored 100 percentile in JEE results, going on become a topper from the city. We, at Edugraph, caught up with the student talking about his study pattern, his aspirations, his source of motivation and more. Read on to know how this 17-year-old has become a legacy and an inspiration for students.

Exam Preparation

A determined and focused student, Soham Das who studied 10 to 12 hours every day for these exams knows the importance of hard work and what a disciplined life can help him achieve.


“I started preparing in class 11, I solely focused on the JEE mains and JEE advanced as this would define my career. I focused majorly on Maths, Physics and Chemistry primarily because these were the subject on which they tested us. I worked diligently for these exams, I used to study 10 to 12 hours every day for these exams.”

Speaking about managing school, Soham says that he didn't have to go to school every day as they were quite lenient about attendance. "The JEE syllabus and the school syllabus are vastly different, so I had to focus on the JEE syllabus first. Meanwhile, I managed school exams quite well as the pattern of questions was something we have been practising from class 6. I had to sharpen my skills for the JEE exams."

Daily Routine

“As per my daily routine, I get up around 8 am and start studying, and I study till 10 am. Then I take a break of 30 mins and get back to studying till 2 pm. Followed by another break of an hour and then from 3 to 5:30 pm I continue my studies.” said the DPS Ruby Park student.

To ensure that he does get some fresh air and a healthy break amidst his packed schedule, he goes for a walk sometimes and plays football for an hour. He also spends some quality time with his family during the day.

Being the determined student he is, before sleeping Soham goes for another round of revision from 7:30 to 10 pm.

External support from Tutions

An academically gifted student, Soham got 98.6% in his class 10 exams. He did not join any coaching institutes to crack the highly competitive JEE examinations and instead opted for tuition teachers.

Soham who hails from Kolkata is a single child. His father is a doctor at a renowned hospital in Kolkata and his mother is deeply involved in his studies, from taking him to classes to thoroughly going through his study matter, he has received immense support from his family.

Recalling the difficulties he faced while preparing for the exams, Soham stated, “The Maths portion for the JEE was quite similar to the school exam, although the physics and chemistry was a tad bit difficult and I had to work harder for these two subjects.”

Despite the difficulties he faced during the exams, Soham’s hard work turned out to be a success as he scored 100 percentile on the paper, “When I gave the exam I knew that the exam went well, but I was not expecting a 100 percentile. So, when they released the answer sheet I matched them with my response sheet and found out I was getting 280–which is a good score. But, when I found out that I got a 100 percentile I was quite surprised and elated.”

Future aspirations

Soham Das owes his success and his desire to pursue engineering to his parents as they advised him to take up science, and later he developed a love for engineering and wants to be a computer science engineer. “My parents never pressured me to take up engineering, it was chosen by me. They just suggested that I take up science.”

Additionally, Soham also received support from his friends who motivate him to work harder. “My friends helped me a lot in improving my studies and so I helped them in whichever way I could as well. They have pushed me to work harder.”

Soham is focusing on his JEE advanced and board exams for now and aims to study Computer Science Engineering at IIT Bombay. In order to prepare for the exams he has kept himself cut off from social media and does not have a phone with him.

His advice for young aspirants who are preparing for the JEE exam: “Focus solely on your studies and don't get distracted because these two years there are many distractions. Focus completely on studies and work hard because there is no alternative to hard work in getting success in these exams.”

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