Teachmint’s TeachBharat initiative is a step towards revolutionising Indian education system

Agrima Tikader
Agrima Tikader
Posted on 11 May 2022
10:22 AM
The Teachmint team hopes to democratise and digitise the education ecosystem in India.

The Teachmint team hopes to democratise and digitise the education ecosystem in India. Source: Teachmint

Teachmint offers a global teaching-exclusive platform that helps completely digitise education operations
Through the TeachBharat initiative, the start-up offers its services to over 10,000 schools for free

Teachmint, a mission-driven education infrastructure start-up, has launched the TeachBharat initiative to take digitisation to every corner of India. With TeachBharat, Teachmint aims for free digitization of over 10,000 schools in India. The company has recognised urban and rural schools in collaboration with the administration in Punjab and Karnataka, which could benefit from its products. TeachBharat has also run a successful pilot in a few schools in Delhi with cooperation from the government.

“If we go back to our schools, we realise that teaching and learning are still happening how they used to happen 20 years ago. Education is an industry that has been left behind when it comes to digitisation. Fundamentally, there has been a lack of quality productisation when it comes to solutions and tools in educational institutes,” said Mihir Gupta, CEO and co-founder of Teachmint.

The pandemic acted as a catalyst towards the digitisation of education even as educators and education institutions struggled to cope with the shift to online education. “As the pandemic was unfolding in its early days, we realised that teachers were struggling to adopt digitisation,” Gupta added.


“The government realises the need to digitise and the power of technology which is why there is eagerness from government entities to adopt the application. We are working towards expanding to other states in order to maximise our reach,” Gupta said.

Teachmint offers its products as a solution for schools and educators. Through its free and paid products, Teachmint makes it easier for them to take online lessons to learners and manage administrative work with ease and efficiency. “Millions of educators across the nation adopted our products to reach their students in the new online space. We started catering to K12 schools, higher education institutions and large coaching institutes that are digitising end-to-end through the Teachmint platform.”

Launched in 2020, the Teachmint flagship product by the name was quickly adopted by schools, higher education institutes and organisations in over 30 countries across Southeast Asia, Africa and West Asia.

The Teachmint product is available in 20 languages and is a mobile-first application. It not only helps education institutions digitise the administration process but also provides a dashboard through which student progress can be tracked by educators, students and parents.

Last updated on 13 May 2022
14:59 PM
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