Students satisfied and optimistic as CISCE declares Semester 1 results

Agrima Tikader
Agrima Tikader
Posted on 08 Feb 2022
10:25 AM
Students at Pratt Memorial, an ICSE school in Kolkata.

Students at Pratt Memorial, an ICSE school in Kolkata. Amit Dutta

Most students say the two-semester system is more advantageous
Semester 1 results meet expectations of most students

ICSE and ISC students received the results of the Semester 1 results on February 7. This is the first batch of students writing the exams in semester system with a bifurcated syllabus.

Edugraph caught up with some Class X and XII students after the results were declared:

Rishika Mandal, Class X, Welland Gouldsmith School


I had been really anxious about the results and could hardly sleep the night before. But now that the results are out, I am satisfied with the marks I got in most of the subjects.

But I definitely want to do better in Semester 2. For that, I am following the pattern of questions released by the council. Once we have the timetable, I will be able to prepare better for the upcoming semester.

I am glad that the exams have been split into two semesters as we can judge our performance from the first semester results and prepare for the second semester accordingly. This system of exams should continue as it breaks the syllabus into manageable parts.

The first semester papers were quite easy but we had to study each subject in-depth to be able to get the right answers. So, it was on a par with written exams.

Teresa Pongen, Class X, Pratt Memorial School

I listened to music and tried to remain calm while waiting for the results. I am overall pretty satisfied with my results. I am feeling confident about Semester 2 because the Semester 1 marks helped me identify the subjects I need to focus on.

The MCQ format is not very difficult as the answer is right there in front of you. But there is a certain difficulty level to the MCQ format as well since we have to study the material more keenly to be able to select the right answers.

Semester 2 preparations will take more time as I will have to strengthen my understanding of the concepts to be able to write all the answers. The preparation, I feel, will be harder than it was for Semester 1. I am worried about the coming exams as it is a sudden change from the easier MCQ format. The Semester 1 results have motivated me by showing me my weak points.

It is quite a relief for us ICSE students if the exams are in two parts. We no longer have to prepare for a lengthy syllabus for a single exam. This takes a load off our shoulders. We can spend more time on each subject, prepare better and get better results.

I am looking forward to going back to school and celebrating the results with my friends.

Nishita Lulla, Class XII (Commerce), Modern High School for Girls

This new format was unnerving initially, but our school ensured that we were well prepared for the MCQ test. We were given enough practice as teachers gave us worksheets to navigate our syllabus. The new format also allowed us to focus on small portions of the syllabus at a time. We were able to concentrate and learn the subjects better. I was able to tackle Semester 1 exams with sufficient practice and clarity of concept.

I feel that MCQ and essay-type papers cannot be compared directly as our approach to each paper is different. MCQs are more focused on factual knowledge while essay-type papers focus more on application.

I was overall satisfied with my marks. However, my peers and I are not happy about our Accounts and Hindi marks. We are hoping that we can make up for it in the Semester 2 exams. My marks have motivated me. I need to maintain the performance of Semester 1 so that the final result helps me get into a good college. To prepare for the second semester I will be resetting my brain and going back to being analytical.

While I am happy with this exam format, I think it would have been better if the first semester would have been held in September or October. It would have given us more time to prepare for Semester 2.

Agnik Bakshi, Class XII (Science), Salt Lake School (English Medium)

The Semester 1 exams were not that difficult and the marks I got are extremely close to my expectation. However, I feel that the exams being conducted in two semesters is a bit problematic. This is because, earlier there used to be only a single exam, followed by the competitive exams. For us, the chapters that were there in Semester 1 will not be there in Semester 2. Yet, we have to study those chapters for the competitive and entrance exams. Additionally, for 50% of the syllabus, we are solely focusing on MCQs, whereas for the rest, we have to practise writing answers, which I feel is a problem as the sense of uniformity is lost.

I have mixed feelings about Semester 2, as we will be the first ones to experience the exam. We do not know what to expect. It feels like a roller- coaster ride. I am planning to solve as many questions and sample papers as I can so that I can manage time and improve my writing habit which was lost while preparing for the Semester 1 exam.

In my opinion, this system of exams should not continue and we should go back to a single exam. This is because we still have to study the whole syllabus anyway, so why not take only one exam at the end of the academic year which would help us prepare better for competitive exams. This new system is less efficient and more time-consuming, thereby creating additional pressure on the minds of students.

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