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South City International principal John Bagul tells students how to cope with exam stress

Jaismita Alexander
Jaismita Alexander
Posted on 20 Apr 2022
12:32 PM
John Bagul, founder principal of South City International School, shares the importance of relaxation in the run-up to exams.

John Bagul, founder principal of South City International School, shares the importance of relaxation in the run-up to exams. Source: John Bagul

Take small breaks in between studying and do something enjoyable
Pack your stationery and bag the day before the exam

Board examinations are approaching and the stress-o-meter is ticking high for the examinees. John Bagul, founder principal of South City International School, Kolkata, shared some tips for students to beat the stress and prepare for the exams wisely.

Eliminate stress and plan your schedule wisely


Working smart is as important as working hard. So, draw up a schedule that helps you study, practise and revise for your examinations without compromising on enough sleep, exercise and healthy food. Remember to keep yourself hydrated.

Don’t isolate yourself completely

Many students and their parents think isolating completely before exams can help you study better. But that is not recommended at all. Don’t miss out on your daily newspaper or morning news. Don’t distance yourself from other family members. Don’t miss out on chatting with your best friend. Do everything but plan it well. If you are studying for 12-18 hours a day, take little breaks in between to relax. Watching the news or talking to a friend can be refreshing for a while. Eating together with your family can also break the monotony.

Find your own comfortable ways of studying

Most children find it difficult to concentrate while sitting at the desk for hours. Some may find it easier to focus while walking up and down the room or simply relaxing in bed. Some may like to listen to music while solving sums. These are the mechanism children should identify and parents must support them in it. Find your own ways of learning and retaining. I think nowadays children are wiser, they know what they are doing.

Be sincere

Sincerity is the key. Apart from studying and revising, you have to remember a few things like packing your stationery a night before the exams. You must have enough pens, pencils and other things you may need. If have to use colour pencils, remember to sharpen and pack them. You can’t spend precious minutes sharpening your colour pencils in the exam hall. Also, borrowing is not allowed. Make sure you don’t forget things. Carry your admit card. Many students come and tell us they have forgotten their admit card at home. It is a very important document. Please don’t forget it. Lastly, remember to reach your examination centre at least half an hour early. It will help you to settle down on time. Use the washroom, fill your bottle, do these things before you enter the exam hall.

Work together with your parents

The support of guardians is important. This would be my tip to the parents: please make sure your child is getting your help. I am not asking you to sit all the while your child studies. But you can help with some snack or healthy food while they study. You can help them pack their bag a day before the exam. Keep a check on the timetable so that they know what exam is on the next day. Motivate them with your positive thoughts. This will help them cut down on the exam stress.

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